26 December 2007

This Lake Speaks: Minamkeak Lake on A Moonlight Night

It's 3:27 in the morning and I just returned from a
late night walk. You see, I was sitting at home
enjoying a tea, when I heard sounds coming from
the forest. So, I went outside on this clear, moonlight
night, and was astounded by the voices coming
from Minamkeak Lake.

I call it "Lake Speak". This happens when air
pressure builds under the ice of a frozen lake, and
seeks release, causing sounds much like a water
drum, or a loud rumbling noise. There are occasions
when this pressure breaks through the ice with a
loud explosion, producing a reef-like ridge of broken
ice that runs long distances over the lake.

So, I walked to the lake, and listened to it speak.
There were times when I heard this loud water
drumming a mile away across the ice, then, a
second later, would hear the thin ice creak near my
feet. Amazing! I felt privileged to be a spectator,
there, at a late hour, on a beautiful moonlight
night, looking out over the lake to witness the
symphony of sounds. Such a wonderful gift from
the Winter Solstice.

Now, I must go to bed and dream. When I close
my eyes, I'll be at the lake, recalling the beautiful
scene. If I'm fortunate, I'll be able to hear the lake
speaking before I fall asleep.

Merry Christmas!

20 December 2007

Walking On A Snowy Evening


I was out walking tonight on the old mines road.
It was quiet and peaceful, with soft snow falling
around me. Once, I heard a breeze come through
the forest from the lake, like a low calling sound,
as if it were asking me to stop and take notice.

We've had snow on practically every second day
of December, here on the south shore of Nova
Scotia. This is unusual, when compared to the
December weather of the past several years.
Perhaps we'll have most of our snow in December,
so that January will be an open, snow free month.

But, you know, a snow covered landscape is
delightful for walking at night. The snow reflects
light back to the eyes, so that walking becomes
easier, even on moonless nights.

I'll be back soon, with comments on a recent walk
at Point Pleasant Park, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Have a good night,

09 December 2007

A Winter Walk With Icey Slush and an Owl


I just returned from a walk along the old Mines Road.
It's a good night for walking, as the temperature is
only -2 Celsuis. As well, the thin covering of snow --
about 5 cm -- reflects the light, and so it was quite
easy to make my way along the road.

As I passed near Minamkeak Lake, I heard slush
splashing against the rocky shore. Evidently, it was
cold enough to form the icey slush in coves or along
the shoreline. What a wonderful sound! I closed my
eyes to listen for about five minutes, before going
on my way.

Later, even in the darkness, I could see the faint
image of a large bird as it flew over the road in front
of me. The bird was likely an owl, on its way to the
lakeshore. It is not unusual for owls to visit the lake,
and often you can hear them call from various places
near Minamkeak.

What a refreshing walk! When I returned home, I
made myself a tea, and drank it while I relaxed near
the warm fire in my old wood stove.

All the best,

01 December 2007

Walking the Seashore at Blandford and Hubbards, Nova Scotia

Last week I went walking by the ocean in the Blandford
and Hubbards area. Those communities are located west
of Halifax, along the South Shore of the province. It was a
breezy and cool afternoon, with rough, choppy water,
along the coastline.

There is a lot of granite in this part of Nova Scotia. In fact,
if you visit Peggy's Cove, you'll notice large granite
boulders scattered over the landscape. If you travel from
there along the coast to Hubbards and Blandford, you'll
see that the shoreline below the high water mark is often
covered with smooth, round, polished granite stones. If
you have the dexterity, you can hop and move over those
stones, much like a dance performer. :)

My friend and I did just that -- we moved over the rocks
like teenagers, displaying a wonderful sense of balance!
Well, perhaps I exaggerate just a wee bit -- but we did
move about in a rather smooth, poetic fashion.

Well, I must go now. I'll be back soon! I'm sorry for the
delay in posting, lately. However, now that my latest
Natural Healing Talk newsletter has gone out to its
subscribers, I'll have more time for posts.

All the best,

18 November 2007

A Cool Evening, New Glasgow, and a Workshop


I was going to go walking this evening, but the
moon sat before I returned from visiting my
mother at the nursing home in Mahone Bay.

Oh yes, I had a great time in New Glasgow. The
presentation was well received, and I must say
that it was one of the best performances of my
speaking career. :) Everything seemed to click,
and fall into place. It's so nice, when that

The temperature is hovering near the freezing
mark at the moment, while tomorrow is likely to
be cool, according to the forecast. I think we
are supposed to hit +3 Celsuis.

I am seriously thinking of hosting a workshop
this winter, based on finding and using natural
plant/tree medicines and foods that could be
used during survival conditions. If it happens,
I'll be posting the date and time on this blog.

Well, must go for now.

I'll be back, soon!

14 November 2007

I'm in New Glasgow This Evening. . . .


Well, just a brief note to say that I'm off to
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, for a medicinal
plant presentation at the Public Library,

If anyone of you are in the New Glasgow
area this evening (November 14th), drop on
by to hear the presentation. It'll be starting
at 7 o'clock.

All the best to everyone. I'll be back, soon,
with another post.

Good medicine always!

08 November 2007

I Survived the Remnants of Hurricane Noel


Well, as it turned out, I lost my electric
power when the remnants of Hurricane Noel
blasted its way through Nova Scotia. However,
I didn't suffer any permanant damage to
property -- lost about ten shingles off my
house, but that was the extent of the damage.

Oh yes, when nature decides to unlease her
fury, we have to take notice, and often take

Now, tonight is very still, with the temperature
hovering around the freezing mark. I had
intended to go walking, but have decided to
stay home and catch up with blog posting,
email, and some over online chores.

I'll be back over the weekend with another
post -- for now, I just wanted to let you
know that I survived the fury of Noel!

All the best,

03 November 2007

Waiting and Watching for Noel. . . .


I'm sitting in the porch of my home, sipping
tea and watching the remnants of Hurricane
Noel, begin to pass overhead.

The winds are moderate as of 4:30, but are
supposed to become strong through the evening
and overnight. The forecast also calls for
heavy rain -- it's been steady to date.

If I don't lose my power, I'll report back later
tonight with an update.

All the best to everyone!

23 October 2007

Walking With the Harvest Moon


It's 11:30 in the evening and I just returned from
a walk along the old mines road. The temperature
is a mild 12 Celsuis, which is nice for walking.
There is a slight breeze in the air, which, also,
adds to the pleasure of walking.

The sky is clear and the moon is taking full
advantage of it. Even thought we're still several
days from the full moon, I had to make special
note of its brightness. This is going to be a
spectacular harvest moon!

At one point I stopped to listen at the waves
lapping against the shore of Minamkeak Lake.
The sound carried very well up through the woods
to my ears. It was tonic medicine to my mind
and spirit, carrying away the stress of the day's

Then, later, as I walked past a field, I heard
the snorting of an animal, probably a deer, but
gave little attention to it.

On my return, I walked into the moon, experiencing
its strong effects. When I was a quarter mile from
my home, I left the road, visiting a clearing
covered with caribou moss. The moss reflected
moonlight, making for sharp contrast with the
shade covered forest floor on the perimeter of
the clearing.

Pleasant memories -- healing memories to be
carried through the coming winter months and

My best regards,

19 October 2007

Kayaking on Minamkeak Lake


We had a beautiful Thursday on the south shore
of Nova Scotia. I took advantage of it and went
kayaking on Minamkeak Lake.

I put my kayak in the water at the head of the
lake, and explored some of the small inlets and
coves there. At one point, I noticed several
freshly peeled sticks, the work of beavers who
are probably building a lodge or dam at some
point along a nearby stream that flows into

I then paddled into a small cove and up to a
large rock that a friend of mine affectionately
calls "Eagle Rock". She saw a large bald eagle
sitting on the rock, one day, looking down over
the lake. The eagle had a terrific view of the
lake, from its position on the rock.

The eagle on the rock, was an honour and a
special gift to my friend. It's always very special
to be in the presence of an eagle.

I was out on the lake for several hours -- I know
it's soon time to put my kayak away for the winter,
but I'm content in the knowledge that I have many
pleasant memories from kayaking these past
five or six months.

Bye, for this time,

16 October 2007


I'm pleased to announce that the Natural Healing Talk
Forum is now online! So, Click Here to check out the

I had planned to go walking tonight, but chores seem
to have gotten in my way. Earlier this evening, I was
away giving a plant medicine talk to the Bridgewater
Garden Club. I had a good group -- about 20 people --
who were enthusiastic over my presentation.

It's always nice to talk to people who are obviously
quite interested in your topic.

You know, I think I'm entering a strong period of
creativity. I have four writing projects in the back of
my mind, that I plan to focus on, soon! I also have
another project that requires a lot of editing; but, in
the end, it'll be worth the time and effort.

Well, must go for now. I'll return later this week.

Bye now,

10 October 2007

Evening Stroll


It's 8:30 in the evening and I just arrived home
from an evening stroll. The night air is cool as
it's only 6 Celsuis.

Have you ever noticed how the stars twinkle in
the cool autumn atmosphere, or on a cold winter
night? I love it! The sky comes alive at such a
time, enhancing the connection we feel with the

As I walked down my lane, I heard the rustle of
bushes -- a rather heavy rustle -- too heavy I
thought for a small animal. So, I waited. Finally,
I saw the dim outline of a porcupine moving
through the beech saplings.

It was the little porcupine that's been staying
near my place for the past two years. I always
enjoy greeting this porcupine as we've developed
a sort of kinship and affinity for each other. In fact,
I've adopted many of the wild animals in the
vicinity of my home, as friends.

The walk was nice, and even though we're moving
into a new moon period, it's surprising how much
light is available when your eyes adjust to the
darkness. However, I'm excited about the next full
moon period, as I plan to walk to Leipsigaek Lake
by the light of the moon.

For information about it, go to the following
webpage and scroll down to the "Field Walks
and Presentations
" listings.

I'll return, soon.

All the best!

04 October 2007

Natural Healing Talk Newsletter


I decided to post the latest issue of my
Natural Healing Talk newsletter. I hope
you enjoy it!

I'll be back tomorrow evening, or on the
weekend, with another post.

See you then!

Natural Healing Talk
September 30, 2007, Vol., 2, # 18

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General Comments
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General Info

General Comments
Hi Everyone,

The "Plant Walk for A Pie" event was a smashing
success this year! I want to thank everyone who
participated in the event. We had a total of ten
people and three dogs for the field walk and pie
eating celebration.

There wasn't a cat in sight! :)

You can read a post about the event, and see a
couple of photos by visiting my nature blog
(Click on the photos to enlarge them.).

If you would like a good online resource on the
side-effects of various drugs, including herbal
interactions, then, go to the link, below. You may
even want to place an "icon" on your desktop, as a
handy shortcut to the database.

NewsTarget DrugWatch database

I have several plant/tree medicine presentations
lined up for the autumn season. For instance, I'll be
in Bridgewater, Halifax, and New Glasgow, Nova
Scotia -- for dates and locations, go to the following
page and scroll down until you see the listing for
"Field Walks and Presentations".

Also, I am currently in the process of setting up a
Forum on the Natural Healing Talk website for
general topics, food recipies, and remedies. I'll
let you know when the forum is up and running, by
posting a note on my nature blog, and in the next

Well, that's it for this time!

All the best!

Feature Article
Walking and Meditation: Tools for Experiencing
the Changing Cycles and Seasons

I like to go walking any time of the year, but,
especially, during the spring and autumn seasons.
There is such a wonderful transition happening
during those periods with an abundance of potent,
healing energy, in the atmosphere.

It's beautiful to go walking on an evening in early
spring, and to feel the changes taking place in the
environment, as it prepares for a new growing
cycle. By the same token, even though autumn
signifies the closing of a cycle, that season has
the powerful energy that comes with its maturity.

I was thinking about those things, as I went
walking along the road near my home, yesterday.
I was thinking how both walking and meditation,
can help us to channel the subtle energies of the
seasons. Even basic meditations, involving deep
breathing, or focusing on the sounds of animals,
birds, or of water over rocks in a stream, can
help to balance all aspects of our being.

Walking outdoors allows us to experience the
subtle shifts of nature, as it puts us in direct contact
with the environment. I suppose this is largely why
I enjoy walking -- to experience nature, directly.
And, I suppose this is largely why my walking is
done at a leisurely, steady pace. I tend to walk at
a pace that allows me to appreciate and observe
what is happening around me.

I mentioned the value of meditation in establishing
a balance in our lives. We can use the combined
tools of walking and meditation to become more
aware of seasonal cycles and energies. I'll conclude
by giving you a simple exercise, in this regard.

This autumn, try to begin a daily walking routine,
where you proceed at a steady, leisurely pace. In
other words, walk with your natural rhythm and at
your regular speed. Do not "power walk" or use
multi-media devices such as an mp3 player, ipod,
or whatever.

As you walk, pay attention to the landscape, and
things that are characteristic of autumn. Then, use
one of your observations as a daily meditation. Sit
in a comfortable position, relax, and focus your
attention on that characteristic of autumn. Do this
for a period of ten to fifteen minutes.

If you have difficulty with the meditation, focus on
something concrete such as a beautiful autumn
coloured leaf. First, take several deep breathes,
relax, and gently focus on the leaf. Then, if you like,
close your eyes and visualize the leaf. Hold the
visualization as best you can. Do not strain. If you
lose the vision, open your eyes and focus on the
leaf, again.

This meditation will gradually bring your life into
greater harmony with nature and the natural cycles.
It will have a soothing influence on your life. You
can perform this meditation with the four seasons
of the year.

Good medicine always,

Featured Web Link
The Healing Power of Plants -- Virtual Museum of Canada

"As long as humans have been human, we’ve been
trying to cure what ails us by using the healing power
of plants."

This is an excellent site, and you really should go
there to check out the many different topics covered.
They have an interesting section called, "Medicine
Hunters," or the search for plants that heal.

Ethnobotanical Note
Pineapple Weed or False Chamomile,
Matricaria matricaioides (Less) Porter.

This is a plant often found around farm yards, country
houses, roadsides, and places where the soil is
packed or hardened. The plant has an interesting
odour that is a bit like pineapple, and its leaves
resemble those of the carrot. I just went outside to
check, and discovered that I still have it growing in
my back yard, along with plantain. It has grown there
for many years. The pineapple weed and plantain
tend to keep company, and to grow under similar
soil conditions.

Pineapple weed is directly related to the chamomile
plant, Matricaria recutita L. In fact, it makes a suitable
substitute for chamomile tea. I enjoy it very much. Its
medicinal qualities are similar to chamomile, but
somewhat milder. Some western Native peoples
used the plant as a perfume. It was used externally to
treat itching and applied as a poultice to sores. Like
the chamomile plant, pineapple weed tea is soothing
for mild stomach problems.

My Promotions
High Energy Foods!

This ebook is 106 pages, and packed with valuable
health related information. And, unlike many dietary
books, it takes a middle-of-the-road approach, to
food and dieting. As well, it comes with several bonus

Download the "Sweet Grass Prayers" ebooklet!

For a good autumn read, try, The Way of the Crow!
This is a book I wrote about my pet crow.

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relate to nature, health, wellness, self-improvement, or
spirituality. I reserve the right to edit or reject
submissions. This is a no fee listing service.

(I will show a maximum of five listings per issue.)

"The talent for being happy is appreciating
and liking what you have, instead of what
you don't have."

-- Woody Allen --

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23 September 2007

The "Plant Walk for A Pie" Day

Hi Everyone,

Well, today was my second annual "Plant Walk
for A Pie" day, and it was a great success!

The morning was quite damp and overcast, but
by the time we left on the outing, near noon, the
sun had come out, making for splendid hiking

This first photo shows most of us sitting by the
shore of Leipsigaek Lake, where we had lunch
and relaxed before hiking back to where our cars
were parked.

The second photo is back at my place, where
we relaxed by a large oak tree, and enjoyed our
pie! :) I must say that the pies were delicious!
Thank you everyone! I still have lots of pie in my
fridge waiting to be eaten in the next few days.

My gawd, I love pie! :))

All the best,

p.s. You can click on the photos for a larger

18 September 2007

Moonlight Over Minamkeak Lake

Hi Everyone,

I went walking tonight under the light of the waxing
September moon. It was a beautiful walk, although
the evening is quite chilly.

On the way home, I walked down to Minamkeak Lake.
The scene was remarkable. I wish you could have
witnessed how the bright moonlight glimmered from
the dark waters of the lake. Such beauty!

When I got home, I made myself a cup of black tea.
I sat sipping it, and contemplating that lake scene.
I think only one thing could have added to its
enchantment, and that would have been the call of
a loon from somewhere over the water. That would
have been possible, since, apparently, Minamkeak
Lake has five pairs of loons on it this summer.

I've heard two pairs of loons calling, and, possibly,
a third pair.

I'll be back, soon. See you then!

All the best,

10 September 2007

Kayaking in Mahone Bay

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's showering tonight, which is fine by me,
as I love the sound of rain during the night hours.
But, then, if you've been following my blog for a
while, you already know how I feel about the rain;)

I've gone kayaking, recently, on several occasions,
in Mahone Bay. It's a wonderful place to kayak or
canoe. There are usually a variety of interesting
birds in the area, and, several evenings back, my
friend Marie and I had the pleasure of watching a
seal surface a number of times.

Marie took the photo of me, as I was playing around
with my kayak.

I'll be back again, soon!

All the best,

04 September 2007

Walking and Kayaking -- Wind, Waves, Darkness and Light


I took my kayak to a Mahone Bay beach area
today, and had a great time out in the high waves.
I managed to kayak into the wind, across to the
other side of the bay. At one point, I met a terrific
cross wind that almost brought me to a standstill.
On another occasion, I entered a wave on the
wrong note, and took a good splashing!

I love getting into the flow, where you can pick
your way through the waves -- it's exhilarating
and the flow is akin to a zen-like experience.

Tonight, I went walking. It was quite dark, as the
waning moon hadn't risen over the horizon. So, I
simply walked into the darkness. At first, it was
even difficult to distinguish the road from the
surrounding landscape. Yet, as I walked, things
became clearer -- my eyes used what little light
was available so that I could easily see the outline
of the road in front of me.

Altogether, it was a very good day. Now, I look
forward to a pleasant sleep.

Sweet dreams to everyone!

02 September 2007

Hiking With Friends to Sperry Lake

Hi Everyone,

Well, today, I went for a hike to Sperry Lake with a
couple of old friends. This lake is located about three
kilometres west of Petite Riviere, in Lunenburg County,
Nova Scotia. It's a small body of water, located a
considerable distance from the main highway leading
from Petite Riviere to Vogler's Cove.

We followed old roads until we arrived at the shore. It
was nice to stand there and feel the refreshing breeze
coming down over the lake. The breeze was strong
enough to form white caps over the water.

It's obvious that the area was logged or cut over, and
within the past twenty to thirty years, I'd estimate. The
new ground cover is mostly spruce, fir, and pine, with
large amounts of blackberry and raspberry bushes.
In fact, we enjoyed eating our share of the berries while
we hiked!

There is also a lot of dead trees, both standing and on
the ground, creating a good environment for birds and
small animals. There is also a high area, that affords a
good view of the surrounding landscape.

Altogether, we had an interesting afternoon hike. It
was nice to do it with friends who will be off to Ontario
on Monday. I'll miss them. I wish they lived closer to
me. Oh well, at least the hike will offer fond memories
until they return next summer.

I must go. All the best to everyone!

29 August 2007

This August Moon . . . .


I went walking these past two evenings, and must
remark on the beauty of the August moon. On both
occasions, the moon was fairly high in the sky
toward the southeast, and, so, lay directly in front
of me as I made my way back home.

At several points along the way, I stopped to look
around, and to examine the landscape. I couldn't
help but notice the clarity of the land in the moonlight.
I could look along the road in both directions, and
notice things almost as clearly as I might have during
the day.

There is one place where the old mines road runs
past a field lined with large sugar maple trees. If you
go there in the late afternoon of a summer day, and
if the sky is clear, you will notice that the trees cast
large shadows over the road and beyond. As you
approach this place, it gives you the impression
that you are walking into a tunnel, so well do the
trees and shadows cover the road.

Tonight, I got the same impression, while walking
there in the moonlight. It felt as if I was approaching
a dark tunnel, although the maple leaves allowed
hints of moonlight to trickle through and dance on
the shadow covered road. Beautiful, indeed!

When I got home, I was in such a wonderful state,
that I felt like remaining outside to soak in the moon's
light. The moon does tend to promote an exalted state
of consciousness -- no wonder it offers so much to
lovers and those of us who are romantics at heart! ;)

Well, I must go now. I still have to post to another
blog tonight.

All the best!

25 August 2007

Two Nights -- Walking with Moonlight and Romancing the Rain


Well, the past two nights have offered me two very
different experiences. Last evening I went walking
while the moon was still above the treeline. It was
quite nice, especially when I reached areas that
were less shaded, allowing the moonlight to cover
the road where I travelled.

Again, as on so many occasions in the past, the
old mines road transported me back in time. Except
for the powerline poles, I might have been walking
in the late 1890s or early in the 1900s. I felt like
Walt Whitman might have felt, as he walked on old
country roads, contemplating his masterpiece,
Leaves of Grass.

Tonight, I made a tea, and sat in the porch romancing
the rain. It was wonderful to relax, to sip my tea, and
to listen at the rain against the roof overhead, and
the surrounding landscape. The rain can be so
relaxing and peaceful, especially when it falls at night.

I must go now and get some sleep. It's past 4 o'clock
in the morning!

Have a good weekend, everybody.

All the best,

19 August 2007

Canoeing on Minamkeak Lake

Hi Everyone,

Well, early last week, my good friend Jill and I went
canoeing on Minamkeak Lake. It was a beautiful,
hot, sunny morning, as we headed out on the lake.
The water was quite calm, and before long we had
reached the opposite shore, as this was on a fairly
narrow part of the lake.

The reflections along the shore were deep and it
was one of those occasions when it was difficult to
tell them apart from the real objects! Also, I was
enchanted with the large patches of pickerel weed
in the rear of several coves, and, later, with a
beautiful community of water lillies. The appearance
of the water lily is one of the most perfect of all the
flowers, so there is little wonder that it is referred to
as the North American Lotus blossom!

This was the first time I had been in a canoe, in some
two years. I've spent my time kayaking, which I love to
do, but it was certainly good to be in a canoe again. I
love the freedom of personal movement in a canoe --
what I mean is that you aren't enclosed, as you are
in a kayak, and it is so easy to get in and out of a
canoe in order to explore islands or other interesting
parts of a shoreline.

I must go for now. I was going to take a walk this
evening, but the weather's been misty and overcast.
Now, I notice that the sky has cleared. However, I'm
soon off to bed, as I have a plant medicine walk in
the morning.

All the best!

14 August 2007

The Persieds Meteor Shower and Other Things


We're having a dark, rainy, overcast night, here on
the south shore of Nova Scotia. I was hoping to go
outside to watch for meteors, again tonight. I went
outside last night and scanned the sky mainly to the
north and northeast. I was able to see six of them
shooting across the sky, at a ratio of one every four
or five minutes of viewing time.

I saw one meteor to the east, and caught the final
moments of a very bright shooting star or meteor
moving in the western sky. It made a bright flash
which I noticed with the peripheral vision of my left
eye. I quickly glanced to the left and caught the bright
streak of light it left in the sky. Beautiful!

So, because of the overcast sky and threat of rain,
I decided to stay inside tonight, rather than take one
of my sojourns along the old mining road. Just as well,
as I've got lots to do inside, and, besides, I've a
date for canoeing tomorrow morning with an old friend.
She's supposed to call me at 7 o'clock to tell me
when she's arriving at Minamkeak Lake.

I'll be driving some 8 to 12 km to the head of the
lake, where we'll meet for the outing. It'll be nice to
get back into a canoe again, as I've been using only
a kayak for the past couple of years. Also, I don't
get out on that part of the lake very often, so it'll be
an interesting morning.

Now, all I have to do is make sure I'm up and about
at an early hour! :) I'm not generally an early riser,
although I appreciate the beauty of the early morning.
It's just that I enjoy my late nights, and it's impossible
to burn the proverbial candle at both ends, as we all

I must go and make a tea. Perhaps I can be in bed
by 2 o'clock -- that's still early for me:)

All the best!

09 August 2007

Romancing the Elements

Hi Everyone,

We had quite a storm last night on the south shore of
Nova Scotia. There was thunder and lightning, heavy
rain, and high winds. By this morning, things had
subsided except for the strong wind. I would have
liked to visit the ocean early this morning, to witness
the large waves that must have been coming ashore.

I went outside last night, after the rain had stopped, to
feel the wind and the deep darkness that shrouded the
landscape. It was awe inspiring -- I almost went walking
but remembered the many water puddles that were in
the road. So, I retired back inside, and was content to
drink my tea on the porch, while listening to the elements
all about me. In other words, I simply romanced the
elements, and enjoyed my tea. :)

Well, I'm off now. I plan to drive into town this afternoon,
do a few chores, and then visit the Biscuit Eater in Mahone
Bay. The Biscuit Eater is a delightful Cafe' and Book
Shop, where you can eat, enjoy good coffee and have
interesting conversations. It's on Orchard Street, so if
you ever visit Mahone Bay, stop in there for a visit.

All the best!

p.s. By the way, I'm not associated with the Biscuit Eater,
so I don't personally benefit from giving them this little
promotional note. It's just that I like telling people about
the place -- besides, it 's a good place to hang out! :)

04 August 2007

Early Morning Walk


Yes, I went for a walk this morning along the old
mines road, but in the direction opposite to what
I normally take, nights. It was a beautiful morning
for walking, as the air was cool, the birds were
singing, and the sun would occasionally peek out
from behind the cloud cover.

Along the way, I noticed a porcupine out on my
field, munching away at some grasses, and there
was a small woodpecker in off the road by about
thirty yards searching for grubs on an old dry pine

Later, as I passed by a swamp, I noticed how much
of it was protected and covered by large branches
of trees that reach out over the swampy area.
Peeking in through the branches, I saw how the
swamp lay still and protected in a heavy cover of
shade. This reminded me of small swamps and
bogs I have seen in the deep south, in places like
Mississippi and Louisiana.

I had a nice morning walk. It was a pleasant contrast
to the walks I normally take in the evening or late
at night.

All the best!

02 August 2007

Another Late Night Walk


Well, the moon is quite lovely tonight. It's 2:05
in the morning, and I just returned from a brisk
walk along the old mines road.

I walked at a good pace, tonight. The temperature's
cooled down quite significantly, from the hot day
we just experienced. It was beyond +30 C., and is
supposed to remain hot for the next several days.
I'm happy that it cools down at night!

The landscape was still tonight -- everything was
asleep, I guess:) I didn't even see a porcupine
earlier this evening, or during my walk. I often
hear loons calling on the lake, or the call of an
owl from deep in the forest. But tonight, nothing.

I'm sorry for the brief post, but it is late, and
I have to get some sleep.

All the best!


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26 July 2007

Out and About in the Moonlight

Hi Everyone,

While I'm still having some dial-up login woes with
Windows Vista, things are looking much better than
at last week this time.

I returned from a moonlight walk about an hour ago.
It was beautiful, as the termperature had cooled down
considerably from earlier in the day. Tomorrow calls
for a hot 32 Celsuis, but, hopefuly, it'll cool down
tomorrow night, so I can enjoy another outing.

I heard a little critter in the bushes along the old mines
road. It sounded about the size of a weasel or small
porcupine. I shone my light in the bushes, and even
got down on my hands and knees so I could peer in
through the undergrowth. Dispite the noise of rustling
leaves and branches, I couldn't see it.

So, I moved on, walking at a brisk pace. I find that I
usually fall into a certain pace during my walks. There
are times when that pace will be fast, while, at other
times, I'll sauter along as if I've got the entire night to
enjoy the adventure. :)

I must go now and have a cup of tea before hitting
the sack. It's been nice to finally get back into the
blogging frame of mind! I'll return soon.

All the best,

22 July 2007

System Crash!

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry for neglecting my blogs, but
I had a system crash and was offline.
Things are slowly returning to normal,
although I have to recover some of my
files, which are on a hard drive running
Win98 -- my new system is running Windows
Vista . . . help! :)

I'm sure I'll be back soon, with a new

All the best!

15 July 2007

Wandering About the Field


I just returned from wandering about my field.
It's a fairly large field, that is fast becoming
overgrown with a variety of bushes and small
trees. If I don't soon clear it, the day is fast
approaching when it will be re-claimed by the
forest. I have mixed feelings about it -- in the
end, I think it's probably best to maintain the

I have a beautiful hawthorn bush growing on my
field. I love hawthorn and it's easy to tell why
there is so much lore associated with this bush
or small tree. I'll post a photo of my hawthorn,

I'm going to have lots of blueberries this year!
My field has large patches of wild, low bush
blueberries. They are just starting to ripen. I
was able to pick and eat some ripe berries as I
walked along. Every season, I make a point of
eating a large handful of blueberries, evenings.
Wild blueberries are my favourite summer tonic

One area of the field, near my house, is a mass
of blossoming knapweed. We don't usually
associate knapweed with beauty, but what a treat
it is to see all the knapweed in bloom. It's an
ocean of blue!

Well, I must go now, and have a tea. It's
steeped, and I'm ready to go outside, so I can
drink my tea in the shade of the mountain ash.

All the best!

11 July 2007

This Foggy Night


Well, I left my place at 10 o'clock tonight, expecting
the fog and darkness to make walking conditions
difficult and challenging. However, much to my surprise,
rather than having to make my way through darkness
as thick as the proverbial pea soup, the night is quite
bright, considering the approaching new moon period.

Although I must admit my ignorance of the scientific
facts, I suspect the fog or moisture captures and traps
whatever light is available, making the night brighter
than it would be on either an overcast or starlight night.

The temperature is a comfortable 18 Celsius, so walking
conditions are excellent. I was able to pick up the
specks of light from fireflies, flashing brightly against the
dark silhouettes of trees lining the old mining road.

Now, I'm hungry! You see, I skipped supper. So, I
must sign off, and make a late evening sandwich. I'll
cap it off with a cup of tea.

All the best!

07 July 2007

About Walking, Swamps, and Living in the Moment


Well, I was up and about rather early this morning,
which is unusual for me nowadays. But, you know,
life is constantly in flux, and even I can change and
decide to wake up with the rising sun. :)

Anyhow, I was walking along the road, examining
a swampy area that skirts the old mining road, near
where I live, when I was struck with the act of what
I was doing! Now, I know this sounds corny to many
of you, but, nonetheless, it happened. I mean, here
I was at 6 o'clock in the morning, standing on the
road, examining a swamp!

When I say, "I was struck with the act of what I
was doing," I mean I was struck by the moment or
by how fully I was in the moment, without any
consideration of past memories or projected future
circumstances. I was simply there, standing by
that swamp, enjoying myself at that moment or
those passing moments.

I suddenly felt like a philosopher, and started
thinking about the extent to which past events
and our fears or thoughts about future events,
ruin our lives, or contribute to anger, hate, and
depression, among other things. Mind you, I
realize that those things can also elicit feelings
of love and the other goodies that go with it. But,
nevertheless, I think that many of the world's
problems stem from past historical events, and
fears for the future.

On a personal level, how many relationships have
been ruined because we dwell on the past, or
some event in the past? I'm as guilty as anyone
else in this regard. I mean, we can have years of
happiness, hundreds of wonderful experiences
with our partner, and, yet, we are apt to allow some
singular event from the past, ruin it all. Humans
are nutty, that's for sure!

So, the lesson for today, folks, is that we should
strive to enjoy the moment. Enjoy your relationships
in the moment. Enjoy your life this very moment.
And, when you have the opportunity, wake up
early in the morning and go walking! If you happen
to pass a swamp, take the time to stop and enjoy it.

All the best!

04 July 2007

The Natural World and Our Sanity in A High-Tech Age


We're all aware of the need to curb pollution for the
sake of the planet, and, in fact, for our very survival
and the survival of other species. However, I want
to mention something else that is clear in my mind.

The natural world is going to become very important
for the maintenance of our mental health and sanity.
It's quite important now, but with each passing year,
with the appearance of each new high-tech gadget,
it will become even more important.

What do I mean, exactly?

Well, I'm talking about our need to walk away from
all the gadgetry for periods at a time -- to slow down,
to relax, and to take the time to appreciate ourselves
and the blessings of life. Otherwise, there's a danger
that we will become slaves to the very technology
that is supposed to serve us and make life more

Eventually, there's a real danger that both our attention
span and out intelligence will suffer because of
technology. Information and answers will be (are) at
our finger tips, without the need to think and ponder
and solve things for ourselves.

I think all of us should take daily siestas from all things
high-tech. We should have at least one break during
the day, to relax, to walk, sit, and ponder life. This we
should do in a natural setting.

So, please, set aside a period of time for yourselves.
Turn off the cell phones, instant messaging devices,
iPods, television, and do something totally non-tech.
Enjoy the natural world -- appreciate the trees, flowers,
water, clouds, sun, moon, and other natural elements.
You'll be a much more contented and pleasant individual
for having done so.

My best regards,

30 June 2007

Holy Night

Yes, O' Holy Night!

It's shortly after one o'clock in the morning, and I've
just returned from a late night walk. What an
experience! Except for the shadows from trees, the
old gravel road is bathed in the full moon's light.

At one point, the moon was directly in front of me,
framed between tall spruce and maple trees lining
both sides of the road. I stood there, struck by the
beauty of the scene. I stared at the moon, then
closed my eyes, and inhaled several deep breaths,
visualizing the light filling every part of my body.

I wish some of you could have been with me tonight,
as you would have been amazed by the experience.
And, imagine this, it's free! That's a good thing, as it's
impossible to place a dollar value on such things.

Tomorrow evening is the Sweet Grass session. But,
rest assured, I'll be taking a late night walk, yet again.

My best wishes to everyone,

28 June 2007

A Summer's Night

I went walking at about 11:15 last night. It was
quite hazy and partially overcast. The moon was
very orange -- both the haziness and colour of
the moon were no doubt a result of the hot day
we had just experienced.

There were bright flashes of heat lightning in the
sky, especially to the northwest. The temperature
had cooled down to about 15 Celsius. Frogs were
croaking in a cove along the shore of Minamkeak

I walked at a relaxed, steady pace. An animal
stirred in the bushes to my right. I stopped to listen.
It kept moving about, snapping small twigs. It may
have been a porcupine. The sound seemed to
imply that it was an animal the size of a raccoon
or porcupine.

I often hear loons in the lake, but this time the frogs
were singing by themselves.

Returning home, I had a good view of the moon
towards the south, southwest. Twice, it came out
from under the clouds, to throw its light on me and
the surrounding landscape. Those were beautiful

Have a good day!

25 June 2007

Nature Writing Notes

As I walked alone the road tonight, I got thinking
about nature writing, and what makes it so special.
Of course, there are many things to consider, but
what stands out for me is the opportunity it presents
to express nature and the natural landscape in a
way that inspires the reader, or in a way that touches
the heart of a reader.

You know, a lot of nature writing or naturalist writing
gets bogged down with describing nature in scientific
terms. But, nature is also art, and is soul inspiring to
many of us. I'm happy to see more writers approaching
the subject from a literary perspective, and not just
from a scientific perspective.

Oh, by the way, I had a nice walk. The moon was under
heavy cloud cover, but did manage to peek through on
several occasions. When it did, things become much
brighter, which added a nice touch to my walking

Well, I must go for now. Tomorrow's Monday -- have
a good week, everybody!

Bye now,

21 June 2007

River Note


You know, there is something special about every
aspect or facet of nature. Rivers are no exception.

When you visit a river, you can get lost in the flow
of the water, or, in the ripples that the water makes
as it flows around rocks or passes over shallow
places. If you close your eyes and listen carefully,
you can hear the song of the river. Be careful, if
you follow the song, you may not return.

Then, again, if you watch carefully, you may see
a fish jump, or perhaps you may find a family of
water bugs playing in a pool of water, near your feet.
If I were you, I would also watch the sky; if you're
lucky, an eagle will fly over the river and circle high
in the air until it disppears behind a cloud.

Yes, rivers are wonderful. They have many gifts.
What do you see in a river?

All the best,

19 June 2007

The Leipsigaek Gold Fields

On occasion, I'll take a trip into the Leipsigaek Gold
Fields. It's a magical place, where many things are
possible. I have deep roots in that place. My grandfather,
John Lacey, who was a prospector, travelled that country
a hundred years ago -- I found a rock alone the shore of
Leipsigaek Lake, with his named carved in it.

My grandfather discovered the famous Rose Lead, which
no one else has located to this day. Later, my uncle Harold,
and my father, Borden Lacey, travelled that country, as
hunters and trappers. They were also prospectors, and
worked in the gold mining operations that once existed

So, my family has deep roots in the gold fields, and I have
made a conscious effort to foster those roots.

Soon, I will visit that country, again. I will pack a lunch,
and place it in my knapsack, along with a bottle of cold
water. Then, I'll go there, without a watch or a time of return.
The day will be mine, and perhaps the night, as well. It's
been years since I've spent the night in the gold fields.

Well, I felt like reminiscing today, and thinking about
my roots. It's wonderful how the landscape and other
characteristics of an area, can help to shape who we
are as individuals.

Bye now,

18 June 2007

Summer Feelings


As I walked along the old gravel road, tonight, I was
surprised at the light that was available, even though
the sky was overcast, with only a few stars peeking
through the clouds. I also noticed that there is a feeling
of summer in the atmosphere.

When I mention "a feeling of summer," I realize that
I'm being very subjective, and that I might be the only
person who noticed it this evening. However, I doubt
this, because I think there are many people who
recognize what I'm talking about.

This feeling of summer is probably due to a combination
of things, including the warmth in the air, the sounds
of nature, the humidity, and the dark, thunder-like
clouds, I saw in the sky near dusk.

And, now, I can hear a soft summer rain falling against
my porch roof. It's quite nice. Later tonight, I plan to
take my tea to the porch and enjoy a rainy moment.
Just snap your fingers and join me! There will be a full
pot of tea and plenty of chairs in the porch.

All the best!

15 June 2007

A Note on Fear

I received an email message from Brian Vaszily, who
has created the "What is Your Greatest Fear Project"
at his website, IntenseExperiences.Com. You can go
to the site and comment on your own greatest fears.
On the other hand, you can simply go there, and read
the comments of other folks.

Click Here to visit the website.

While on the subject of "fear," I want to describe a
practice you can perform in this regard. it involves one
of the most prevalent fears, and something that is often
played upon in horror and mystery films. I'm referring
to the fear of darkness!

Do you remember those old Boris Karloff films? Wow!
How well some of them played on our fear of the dark,
often combining it with thunder, lightning, and heavy rain.

The practice is simply to walk into the darkness of the
night. I consider this a type of shamanistic practice, in
that it encourages fearlessness and a familiarity with
darkness, an aspect of nature.

I'll often leave the house and simply walk into the night.
Just walk at a good pace. Slowly, your eyes will adjust
to the available light, and you will usually end up seeing
much better than you had imagined.

Occasionally, I'll catch myself glancing quickly to the
rear, to be certain a boogeyman isn't sneaking up behind
me:)) In the end, it always turns out to be a wonderful
walk, and an opportunity to experience nature under
unique and interesting conditions.

All the best and enjoy your walk!

11 June 2007

Mostly About My Newsletter


I'm just stopping around to make a few
comments tonight. I had intended to go
walking, but the rain continues here on
the south shore of Nova Scotia.

I spent part of today working on the next
issue of the Natural Healing Talk ezine.
I felt terrible at having to end the old
mailing list. However, I just couldn't
continue the torture of mailing out the
newsletter from my computer with a dial-up
connection. Simply torturous! I was never
certain whether they were all delivered,
as there were occasions when I would
disconnect during the delivery process.

So, if anyone reading this blog post,
received a special notice with your last
newsletter concerning the old mailing list,
it means you are on that list. It would
be great if you'd surf on over to the
Natural Healing Talk website and
subscribe to the new list. I've had some
subscribers move over already, and that's
great! It's double opt-in, so you'll receive
an email notice asking you to confirm
your subscription. I have to do this to
comply with anti-spam regulations.

Anyhow, now I must go and have a cup of
tea. I'll return, soon, with another post.

All the best,

09 June 2007

Walking With A Clear Night Sky


I had a pleasant walk tonight. The temperature
has cooled down, and is perfect for walking.

I left the house at 11:40 and walked straight
into the darkness of the old mines road. I had
intended to walk at a steady pace, allowing my
eyes to adjust to whatever light was available.
To my surprise, the outline of the road was
quite clear, while the stars were a canopy of
light in the sky.

I saw Venus to the west. It is quite large and
bright, which indicates that it is closer to the
Earth than at other periods during the year. I
felt so grateful to see the night sky, unimpeded
by urban lights, in the year of 2007. Imagine!
Except for the power line, I might have been
walking in the year 1900, or 1850, for that

I felt famished when I arrived home. So, I made
myself a couple slices of toast with butter and
apricot jam. Delicious! Now, I have tea brewing
on the stove, which I intend to sip while I check
my email and do a few things online.

All the best to everyone!

05 June 2007

Rain, Wind and Romance


It's a wild night here on the south shore
of Nova Scotia. I wanted to go walking, but
that's out of the question, especially when
the gusts of wind and rain arrive in all
their fury.

So, instead, I made myself a cup of tea and
went into the porch where I could hear the
full effects of the storm. As I sipped my tea
and closed my eyes to focus on the elements,
my mind was carried to the tall pine trees
across the field. I heard the wind playing
through pine needles, and felt the rain
against my face, until I returned, suddenly,
to my seat in the porch, as a gust of wind
rattled the screen door.

So, I sat there, sipping tea and listening to
the rain . . . romancing the rain, I should
say:) I've called this activity romancing
the rain since last year. It's a delightful
way to spend part of a Monday evening. Well,
it really isn't evening any longer, although
my evenings tend to carry on rather late:)

Do you like the title to this post? I think
it's rather catchy;) I hope you weren't
expecting a romantic short story. My apology.

In any event, I must leave now, make myself
a second cup of tea, and return to the
romance. The rain's calling . . . she's so

Until next time,

03 June 2007

An Encounter With A Fox


Well, those of you who follow this blog regularly,
probably remember the post referring to my encounter
with a fox on the old mines road. We kind of looked
at each other, then went our separate ways.

I had another encounter with that fox this morning
-- at least I think it was the same fox. We always
seem to be coming towards each other, initially. On
this occasion, I was walking over my field when I saw
the fox trotting my way, looking about for field mice,
I suppose.

That fox really didn't seem the least bit concerned
about me, as it stopped to investigate a small area
of tall, dry grass, and bayberry bushes.

I watched the fox.

The fox watched the grass and bushes.

I waved at the fox.

The fox sniffed about the grass and bushes.

I called out, "Howdy, partner!"

Well, that fox turned on its heels and ran towards
the forest, with its beautiful tail straight out in
the rear!

On another note, I later went to the area where I had
that delightful experience with the birds and peepers,
last week. I'm referring to the post I made on May 26th.
I took a photo of the place and posted it below. Enjoy!

Bye for now,

29 May 2007

My 100th Post!


Guess what! This is my 100th post! Wow! I think
I need a drink of tequila or mescal;) After all,
they do call me "the plant man".

Well, a friend of mine has a new blog called,
Pixieslane. You might enjoy checking it out!
It's nice to see Pixie making the move into the
magical world of blogging.

On another note, I was out walking early this
evening. It was overcast but a nice temperature
for walking. I felt the occasional rain drop, and
a loon was giving a haunting call from far out
on Minamkeak Lake.

In Mi'kmaq legends, the loon is Glooscap's
messenger. Glooscap is a culture hero to the
Mi'kmaq people. In some respects, you could
call him a great warrior and shaman with magical

Best wishes to everyone, and have a good

Bye now,

p.s. Well, I just noticed that the "Archives" of
my blog posts is only crediting me with 98 posts.
The "Blogger Dashboard" gives me 100 posts. I
don't know which is correct? Oh well, let's go
with the higher number:)

26 May 2007

An Early Evening Romance With Mother Nature


This evening, I went walking at dusk, rather
than late at night. For one thing, it was overcast,
so I realized I wouldn't have the full benefit of
the moon, if I waited to go walking later in the

It was delightful. Mother Nature was at her
best, romancing me as I walked contentedly
along the road. Life seemed so simple and
pleasant. Indeed, it was as if I were walking
an old country road in the 1890s or in about
that period.

For the first time in months, I felt like Walt
Whitman, or Ralph Emerson, or some other
follower of the transcendentalist philosophy.
At one point, I was treated to a symphony of
sound, as the forest burst forth with birds of
various song, and frogs peeped joyously at
my passing through their sanctuary.

You might laugh at what I'm about to say, but
having passed through that place, I turned and
went back again, passing through there four
times before continuing on my way.

Later, lightning flashed to the west, thunder
rumbled, and a light sprinkling of rain overtook
me. I didn't care. I just kept walking through it

I think that when I go to bed tonight, I shall lie
there for a spell, and mentally walk through that
sanctuary one more time.

All the best!

23 May 2007

Moonlight Announcements


Well, the temperature's hovering near the freezing
mark, tonight, here in Lunenburg County. I just
returned from a brisk moonlight walk -- it was quite
nice, and I noticed how bright the stars appear in
the cool night atmosphere.

At one point during my walk, I heard twigs cracking
in the bushes, about twenty yards back from the road.
I stopped and listened, carefully. The sounds seemed
to be coming from a small animal, probably a porcupine
or raccoon. Anyhow, I continued on my way, leaving
the animal to its own business. Apparently, it enjoys
the moonlight as much as I do.

I have a few things I'd like to mention, briefly.

I'm planning two new blogs, and a mini website. The
blogs will be quite different from each other. One of
the blogs will be about my efforts to earn cash online.
I'll talk about the things I've tried, the difficulties involved
in this effort, and what I'm currently doing in this regard.

The mini-website will back-up the blog, and will offer
affiliate products.

The other blog will be lots of fun! :) It's going to be a
bit wild, crazy, serious, and humourous, depending on
my mood. I'll talk about everything from my views on life
and romance, to relationships, spiritual awareness, and
writing. I'll also be telling you about the antics of Ol'
Coyote, the trickster, as this is part of my personality.

I cringe when I say those things, because it feels a bit
like opening oneself to public viewing. But, really, that's
what writing is all about. If any of you are serious about
writing, let me just say that this is one thing you have to
think about. How willing are you to expose your feelings,
your attitudes, in your writing? How willing are you to
expose your mistakes in public? Those can be honest
mistakes, or things that you simply over-looked -- even
ridiculous grammatical errors.

Fortunately, I've been writing long enough to have
hardened myself to much of it. Besides, heck, I'm 58,
so what do I have to lose? :)

Oh yes, one final thing. Within the next week, I'll be
adding some fresh updates to my art site. So, plan to
visit it next week, if that interests you. You can find the
link under the "Links" section of this blog.

So long for now. I'll be back, soon.

19 May 2007

A Cool Spring Night

Well, I had planned to go walking tonight, but
the weather is foggy and misty, so I'm home
working at my computer. Periodically, I take
breaks and go to the living room to sit by the
woodstove. The wood fire feels so nice on a
cool spring night.

I think I'll be starting another blog, soon. It's
under wraps at the moment, as I'm not sure I
can handle the extra writing load. However, I'm
leaning towards making the leap -- also, I don't
know whether it'll be with Blogger or Wordpress.
I've heard a lot of good things about the latter,
although I enjoy the ease of Blogger.

I find that I'm focusing much better lately. For
a while, I was all over the place:), but now I'm
focusing more on my own web stuff and things
around the home. Now, if I could only do my
house cleaning:))

Well, so long for now, and watch for the new
blog announcement!

All the best,

17 May 2007

A Windy and Rainy Night


Well, this will be a short post. I really
have to get some sleep. However, I just
had to log in and say that it's windy and
rainy tonight here on the south shore of
Nova Scotia. But, I love it . . . for
sleeping, that is. :)

I've always enjoyed listening to the rain
while I drift off to sleep. The wind is
nice, too, as long as it doesn't come in
strong or severe gusts!

It's now 2:30 in the morning. I just looked
outside to see if my porcupine was around,
but it must be some place else tonight. It's
a small porcupine and has been tending around
my place for the past year. I often sit and
watch it nibble at the grasses.

Well, I'll be back, shortly. Take care,
everyone, and please check back in a few

All the best!

12 May 2007

A Fun Evening in Annapolis Royal


Last Wednesday, I took my "Travelling Medicine Talk"
to Annapolis Royal, for a presentation sponsored by the
Annapolis Field Naturalists. It was a wonderful evening,
and my talk was well received.

It's always nice to make presentations to groups who have
a sincere interest in traditional plant and tree medicines.
That was the case in Annapolis Royal. There were about
fifty people at the event, with lots of interaction and
discussion after the talk.

Actually, I'm currently taking bookings for presentations
over the summer and fall, so if you'd like to organize an
event, please contact me by leaving a comment to this
post, or send me an email from one of my websites.

Well, it's quite late, so off I go for tonight. I'll be back
next week with some postings.

Sweet dreams!

05 May 2007

Self-Improvement Giveaway Event!


This is just a quick post to tell you about a
new "self-improvement" product giveaway event
that is happening at the moment.

I'm taking part in the event, and giving away
a report to anyone who signs up for my newsletter.
The report is called, Dismiss Fear -- Affirm Joy,
With Nature Therapy
. It's based on a chapter from
my book Medicine Walk.

It's an exciting event. If you'd like to check it
out, click on the title to this post, above -- it's
my affiliate link to the event. Sign up and look

My item is listed on page 16, at present. I'm
way back, because I was late in uploading my bonus
report, and I haven't advertised the event. The
more people you encourage to sign up, the closer
your product is listed to the front of the pack.

In any event, I'm having fun, and getting many
new subscribers.

If you're interested, sign in, and have a look
around. There are lots of interesting freebies --
you usually have to sign up to a list to get free
stuff, but you can always quickly unsubscribe,
afterwards. And, I might point out, the products
are listed by people who will truly unsubscribe you
from their lists. So, there are few spam worries, if
any, from the folks at this event.

All the best to everyone!

Laurie :)

p.s. The moon's going to be beautiful later on
tonight. I'll be out walking, that's for sure!

04 May 2007

Walking With An Early May Moon

What a splendid walk I had tonight! I left the
house at approximately 1 o'clock, and went
walking along the old mines road. The clouds
had cleared away, while the moon was fairly high
in the sky, to the south.

As I walked along the road, my gaze wandered
to the north, where I saw a bright shooting star
blaze its way over the sky. It was visible for a
full three seconds, I would say, and perhaps
even four seconds. This was an occasion where
time seemed to slow, giving one the opportunity
to devour every precious second that passed.

And, then, walking into the bright moonlight
as I made my way home, I thought about my
family and friends, and whether anyone was
out and about at that hour of the night?

There were animals about, probably deer and
porcupine, and I heard an owl calling from deep
in the forest to the north of where I walked.
Often, when I walk, the owl calls become louder,
as they work their way towards Minamkeak

I got home feeling quite fresh. I think I could
have kept walking in that moonlight. Perhaps,
even, until daybreak. That would be an awesome
experience! I would stop some place and make
myself breakfast. Perhaps make a pan of bacon
and eggs over an open fire:) Wow! Now there's
a thought . . . .

Good night and sweet dreams, everybody.

30 April 2007

Walking in the Forest

I'm making a point of walking in the forest more
often. With all the online stuff I'm doing, it's easy
to neglect basic things. I'm making a point of
observing the plants as they sprout and grow,
and of noting new tree growth as we move
further into spring.

Last spring I missed the flowering period for the
trilliums -- it seemed that the weeks flew by, so
that suddenly we were well into June. It won't
happen this year! My eyes are wide open for
the slightest hint of trillium growth:)

A few days ago, I took a walk in the forest near
my home, where the sphagnum moss totally
covers the ground. It's a wonderful place. In
fact, I've never seen so much sphagnum moss
in one area. It's everywhere, like a large, soft
carpet, covering the ground.

Finally, I must say that the mayflowers are
quite plentiful this season. For a while, it looked
like a scarce period for mayflowers, but the rains
of the past few days have brought them out in
all their glory!

The perfume of the mayflower is very special. If
you live some place where they aren't growing, I
think you should make a journey to where they
grow, so that you can smell those flowers at
least once in your lifetime. You won't regret it!

Good medicine always!

27 April 2007

Wednesday was A Mystical Evening


Yes, this past Wednesday evening was quite special.
I went for a walk and couldn't bring myself to go back
to my home until dusk had moved on and darkness
settled over the landscape.

I noticed that nature was very still while the sunset
painted the sky in an array of colour, ranging from
yellow and gold, to pink and other subtle shades in
that colour range. And, even after dark, you could
look to the Northwest and see a band of light sky,
as if daylight wanted to linger for an extra spell or
period of time.

As I said, I couldn't bring myself to go back indoors.
I had to remain outside, just walking slowly about the
road, field, and forest, contemplating, experiencing
the peace, beauty, and nature of that evening.

When dusk arrived, it was like the world was under
a magic spell. I felt charmed. I kept lazily walking
about, or standing, to soak in the energy of that

Time was mine. It wasn't for working or doing chores.
It was simply the experience of the moment -- each
moment of that special evening.

I had to share this with everyone. There is even
more, when I can figure out the words to express it.

Best wishes,

24 April 2007

Nature's Sounds


It's getting quite late, but I really must
post a few lines.

I got back from a moonlight walk about two
hours ago. It was wonderful. The moon is
almost half full and casts a soft light
over the landscape.

At one point I stopped to enjoy the many
impressions of this night. I could feel
the warm spring breeze against my face.
To my rear, the wind whispered through
tall pine, while off to the west and
southwest, waves splashed against rocks
on the shore of Minamkeak Lake.

Altogether, it was a delightful walk,
and I'm very grateful for having the
opportunity to live in this beautiful
country setting.

Sweet dreams, everyone,

22 April 2007

The Moon, Peepers, and an Old Book

Hi Everyone,

Well, what a beautiful Saturday night here on the
south shore of Nova Scotia. The moon is waxing, and
is already giving off enough light to make walking a

As I made my way along the road tonight, I suddenly
heard the sound of a peeper, in a swamp near where I was
walking. A single peeper, but soon the swamps and
ponds will be alive with their songs. Such delightful
singing, and a sure sign that the fullness of spring has

While I was in Mahone Bay this afternoon, I went for
coffee at The Biscuit Eater Cafe' and book shop. It's a
delightful place and one of my favourite spots to visit. If
you're ever in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, you must visit
this Cafe'. It's located at 16 Orchard Street, and quite
easy to find.

Anyhow, while there this afternoon, I bought a wonderful
little volume entitled, Wood Wanderings, by Winthrop
Packard, published in 1910. The book is beautifully
illustrated by Charles Copeland, with a gold leaf etching
on the front cover.

It is one of four volumes written by Packard which,
together, constitute "The New England Year," dealing
with the four seasons. I'm certainly going to try to find
the other books in the collection. Wood Wanderings,
deals with the autumn season.

That's it for this post. It's already 1 o'clock, and I still
have some things to do before I catch some rest.

All the best!

17 April 2007

Wind and Rain, Earth and Fire


Well, I haven't taken my walks for the past couple
of nights, as we've been under seige from the terrific
nor'easter blowing up along the Atlantic coast. It's
a wild storm and continues to blow strong today.
We've also had quite a lot of rain with the storm.

However, I love to listen to the rain and wind as I
fall asleep nights. Often, in my mind, I'll journey
to a special place on the shore of Liepsigaek Lake,
and visualize myself sitting by a camp fire to the
rear of a high bluff. The bluff shelters me from the
wind and rain blowing off the lake, and from the
waves hitting on the shore.

The bluff is a real place and, on occasion, I've built
myself a fire in back of it. I built a sacred fire there
years ago, that still burns in my heart. That was in
the late 1980s. I also went skating there, about 25
years ago, and built a fire to warm my feet and to
heat a can of beans in the cold winter air.

There's nothing quite like beans heated over an
open fire. Yummy! Add to that a brew of hot, black
tea, and you feel like you've transported yourself
back in time a hundred years.

Oh yes, just writing about those things makes me
tingle inside. In fact, if it wasn't so darn stormy, I'd
be tempted to shut down my computer and go there
now. But, no, that wouldn't work, as the bluff would
be surrounded by water. The lake floods the area in
the spring season and into mid-summer.

Well, anyhow, I'll be back soon. I'm so pleased to
have my crow book online. I often think of those
years and about the intelligence of crows and birds
in general. Now, I have a little chickadee that follows
me around the yard. Fun!

All the best,

08 April 2007

Easter Thoughts and a Snowstorm

Hi Everyone,

Well, this is pretty wild -- we're having a
major snowstorm on Easter eve. I suppose
close to 30 cms has fallen so far. For those
of you who aren't familiar with metric, that's
12 inches of snow.

This is the first Easter snowstorm that's
happened in my life time, at least here on
the south shore of Nova Scotia.

I think the wind's coming up, also.

I was driving in it earlier this evening. I
seem to be out driving in every snowstorm that
comes along. In fact, you might say I'm a
master of winter driving:)

But, now, I'm snug inside my home. I love it!
I feel like an animal curled away in its warm
den, while the winter storm rages outside. In
fact, at the moment, I'm sipping a cup of hot
black tea, while listening to the storm against
my windows.

I plan to sleep where I can hear the storm.
I've thrown two comforters on a sofa in the
living room -- when I'm tired, I'll go in on
the sofa and let the storm lull me to sleep.

A lovely way to prepare for Easter morning,
don't you think? :)

In the morning, I'll enjoy eggs, pickles, and
old fashioned home-smoked ham! Yummy!

Well, I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful
Easter! It's a delight to do this blog and to
have all of you as an audience. Thanks!
The web is truly a wonderful place for the
communication of thoughts and ideas. It's
a liberating experience for writers!

All the best!

04 April 2007

Yikes! The Moon Winked at Me


That's quite a title, isn't it. I'll explain it later
in this post.

Anyhow, this will be a very "considered" post.
By this, I mean that I'll choose my words

As I mentioned a few posts back, I had a flash
of inspiration during a moonlight walk. It
concerned something that's been in the back
of my mind for quite some time. However, the
flash of inspiration hasn't come back to the
same extent as on that precious night.

I had a beautiful walk tonight, even though
there was cloud cover, preventing the full affect
of a moonlight experience. During the walk, I
was considering things, and wondering how I
would find the time to flow along with the
inspiration of that earlier night.

I have several websites and activities as you
are aware from the links on this blog. I'm not
certain how much more web stuff I can handle,
without over-taxing my limits:) I mean, I've got
my art work to consider as well, and I will
likely have a new part-time job soon, also.

Anyhow, I was heavy in thought, when the moon
winked at me! It came out from under the clouds
for about two seconds, and left the distinct
impression that it did so in recognition of my

This was the omen I was waiting for, and the
main reason I hadn't said anything much about
the inspiration since that initial post.

So, I'll be launching a blog or a website on
intimacy, romance and passion. Does that
surprise anyone? Of course, you know that I'll
likely find some way to relate those things to
nature and the natural landscape. And, it'll likely
be a website.

But, I don't know when it'll come online, and it
may be related to self-development or writing or
my natural healing website, or to all of those
things. Then again, it may be totally different
. . . I will simply go with the flow of inspiration,
and encouragement of the moon.

Another possibility is that it'll be the vehicle for
the publication of an un-published manuscript,
now lying away gathering dust. I may put it online
in installments . . . kind of like an on-going journal.
The manuscript is composed of 783 hand-written
pages on intimacy, romance, passion, and eroticism.

However, I'm uncertain at the moment . . . I don't
know if it will even play a role in this new project.
We'll see . . . .

So, there we are. The moon winked at me, and
I've decided to go with the flow of inspiration.
Funny fellow, eh?:)

Sweet dreams, everyone.

29 March 2007

Winter's Final Sting . . . I Hope . . . .


I went walking on the old mining road late
tonight. There was a strong wind from the
northwest blowing directly into my face, as
I made my way along the road.

I thought my face would freeze:)

Of course, on my return, I had the wind at
my back. Even so, it felt like February,
rather than late March.

The moon was beautiful, although I didn't
spend much time contemplating things. I
walked along at a brisk pace, and was
happy to return to the warmth of my home.

Well, I'll be back soon. Perhaps, then,
I'll have more information for you about
that inspiration I received a few nights
ago. ;)

All the best,

28 March 2007

My eBook has Launched!


Well, after lots of frustration, I've finally
launched my eBook, The Way of the Crow!

It feels really good to finally have things
working properly, and to have the book available
as a PDF download.

The book also comes with a brief bonus report,
called, The Crow Medicine Report. That's also
in PDF format.

Well, bye for now. I'll likely be out walking
later tonight, and may post again in the wee
hours of the morning:)

All the best,

25 March 2007

This Powerful Moon . . . .


I just returned from an evening walk in the moonlight.
The mud has frozen and the light from the moon
makes it easy to walk around the puddles of water.

This moon is really powerful. I can feel its strong
effects. It inspired me to do a sweet grass session
and now my home is smelling after the beautiful
scent of sweet grass.

This is a moon for lovers. It's a romantic moon -- a
time to walk in the moonlight with your lover, and to
fill the night sky with moonlight kisses;) Imagine
that! So, go on, take your lover, your companion, by
the hand and kiss under the stars . . . the moon . . .
and enjoy a moonlight walk together.

Mmmm . . .

No, I won't say what I'm thinking. Perhaps I'll tell
you in my next post. I have to be sure this inspiration
isn't a passing fancy. . . .

Laurie Coyote

p.s. I'm drunk on this wonderful moon . . .I feel like a
Coyote . . . think I'll go now and howl in the moonlight.

The Way of the Crow!


Well, I was going to take a walk this beautiful
early spring evening, but then I remembered that
the old mines road is muddy and wet! So, I'll
wait until tomorrow evening when the temperature
is supposed to drop to -7. That should freeze the
muddy areas, although the water will still be a
problem. However, I'll manage:)

I'm pleased to announce that my eBook,
The Way of the Crow will be available for
purchase on March 28th! Just "click" on the title,
above, to go to the website. The book will come
with a bonus mini-report on Crow Medicine.
Pretty special, indeed!

Okay, then, I'm off. Sweet dreams, everyone.

Bye now,

22 March 2007

The Passing of Rita Joe


Rita Joe, known as the 'poet laureate' of the
Mi'kmaq First Nation, passed away on Tuesday
night. She was 75 and had waged a long battle
with Parkinson's disease.

Sad news, indeed.

I first met Rita and her husband, Frank Joe, back
in the early 1970's at a Writer's Federation of
Nova Scotia meeting. We became good friends.
Then, when I started my work with traditional
plant medicines, I visited Eskasoni, Cape Breton,
and stayed with Rita and Frank and their family.

I have fond memories of that visit. It seems like
only a few short years ago since I was there. In
fact, my visit took place over 30 years ago.

Rita, I'm going to miss you. We both started
writing seriously at about the same time. I
always felt a special connection to you and
Frank, even though we lost contact with each
other, years ago.

May the Great Spirit bless you, Rita Joe!

Good medicine always,

18 March 2007

Tracking the Fox


Sorry for not posting to the blog recently. But, I'm
back again, so a flurry of posts will follow soon!

For instance, I've been trying to photograph a young
fox that has frequented the area.

One day last week I was walking near the shore
of Minamkeak Lake, and noticed fox tracks in the
snow. I spent two hours tracking that fox! I
followed it along the shore, and then inland through
the forest. I tried to circle around and intercept
the fox from downwind.

I must have gotten close, because when I suddenly
came upon its tracks again, it had veered at a sharp
right angle away from my approach.

I still haven't photographed that elusive fox!

On a different note, I'm happy to report that Nova
Scotia was spared the nor'easter that recently
swept up through the eastern seaboard causing
major snow-related problems. We received about
an inch of sleet and freezing rain here on the
south shore of the province. Tonight is windy with
periodic rain. That's great! I enjoy a good spring

All the best!

p.s. I'll be back, soon!

07 March 2007

Burr . . . it's a Cold Night!


Well, it's -18 Celsius here on the south shore
of Nova Scotia. I didn't think March could be
this cold:( One thing's certain, I'm not taking
my walk tonight, as the wind chill factor must
make it darn near -30!

I had planned to walk to Minamkeak lake and
to look out over its surface in the moonlight.
Perhaps I would see the little fox that is in the
area. I've seen this young fox on one occasion
and have noted its tracks in the snow.

I have a wood fire going tonight. I've even made
my bed downstairs, close to the comfort of the
wood stove. I plan to finish the night by making
a tea and sipping it while relaxing on the cozy
love seat next to the fire. I enjoy listening to the
sound of the wind as it whistles down the
chimney and stirs the flames of the wood fire.

Later, when I'm sleepy, I'll simply lie down on
the lounge and catch some rest.

Well, I wish all of you sweet dreams and a
wonderful Wednesday!


27 February 2007

A Moonlight Night and the Approach of Spring


I left at 11:30 tonight and went walking along the
old mines road. The temperature was a frosty -3
degrees -- just right for walking. The thin ice that
covered a portion of the road snapped and cracked
under my feet, as I walked along the road.

Even though it was frosty, I could sense the early
evidence of approaching spring! There were subtle
things like the colour of exposed road surface that
had thawed during the day and was now freshly
frozen again. It has a dark colour that long term
frozen ground doesn't have.

Then, there was a feeling in the air, and a slight
change in the contrast of objects that is different
from early or mid-winter moonlight nights. It's fun
to be aware and to observe such things. It makes
this time of year quite wonderful!

Have a good night . . . it's time that I get some

Good medicine always,

21 February 2007

I Went Skating on the Lake

Yes, I went skating last Monday for the second
time this winter! It was quite nice. The temperature
was a comfortable -3 Celsuis.

The ice was fairly smooth, although there were
lots of rough areas, including small cracks in
the surface that I had to avoid. Those small
cracks in the ice can send you for a nasty

I remember going skating one day many years
ago, and having a grand ol' time speeding along
the ice until I got a blade in one of those cracks.
Well, I went flying head-long through the air for
what seemed like an eternity . . . . I finally landed
on the ice, and went sliding along for another
fifteen feet or so, before coming to a stop and
laughing myself silly:)) Talk about a spill!

Fearlessness is the key to skating and having a
good time on the ice. Once you start to fear the
ice, and fear falling, you've had it! You might as
well pack your bags and head for the bar . . . or,
the coffee/tea shop:)

Anyhow, the skating adventure on Monday was a
lot of fun -- I fell once, when I attempted to skate
backwards. Darn it, I hit a rough section of ice:)

Well, so long for this time. I'll be back soon with
another post.

All the best,

p.s. I hope you like the clock that I placed on the
blog. Now, you'll be able to compare Nova Scotia
time with your time, wherever you are in the world.

16 February 2007

My Latest Approach to Writing Short Stories


There are a number of ways to pull off a short
shory. Lately, I've been experimenting with the
notion of having two or more parallel sub-stories
running at the same time. I call them "sub-stories,"
because, together, they compose the short story
that I'm writing.

I try to make the relationship subtle so that the
reader has to figure out just how they relate to
each other. This approach is especially evident in
mystery novels and in other types of novels as

It's not so evident in short stories.

I've just finished a story where this relationship is
never fully explained. The sub-stories are clearly
distinct, yet, if you think about it, you'll discover
that they deeply influence each other. It's left to
the reader to discern the extent of the relationship.

I know, but I'm not talking;)

In any event, this is an approach you might want
to try with your own writing.

All the best!

12 February 2007

Walking the Bog

I returned to the bog yesterday afternoon
and, this time, with the aid of a walking
stick, managed to get out on it without
falling through the ice! In my previous post,
I mentioned falling through and soaking my
feet in the cold, icey water.

This time, I used a walking stick to poke at
the ice ahead of me. I moved carefully and
was able to go along without any difficulty.
I was able to examine some of the black
spruce trees that grow on small islands in the
bog. Those trees are dwarfted because of
growing conditions, and have quite rough
textured bark. I think they are very old.

I was excited and pleased to see the many
rabbits tracks and trails in the snow, as well
as fox and coyote tracks.

In fact, on my return, as I came out from the
bushes onto the mines road a short distance
from where I live, I saw a fox trotting along the
road towards me. We saw each other at the
same time. The fox was about seventy yards
from me. It sat and looked at me. I stood and
looked back at it. Finally, I moved to walk back
to my home. When I did this, the fox turned on
its heels and high-tailed it away from me.

It was an interesting outing. I didn't see any
chick-a-dees amongst the alder bushes in the
bog. it was probably the wrong time of day for
that -- I'll have to go back there on a sunny

Bye for this time,

09 February 2007

I Soaked my Feet:)


Well, it continues to be cold here in Nova
Scotia, but I'm hoping that things will change
in another week or so -- in fact, the maple
sap should start running in about a month.
I enjoy maple sap weather when the temperature
rises during the day and dips below freezing
at night.

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to walk back
through the forest to a frozen bog, because I
like to listen to the chickadees chirping in
among the thick alder bushes that grow there.

Anyhow, I decided to walk out on the bog,
thinking the ice had to be thick or well frozen.
To my surprise, I fell through and got both feet
soaked! So, there I was with soaking wet feet
on a cold winter day. Fortunately, I live less than
half a mile from the bog, so that I was able to
quickly return home.

I'll tell you one thing -- I walked fast, and was
surprised to find that my feet actually felt warm
by the time I got back home. However, I removed
my wet things, and put on dry socks and slippers.

I'm still amazed that I fell through the ice! I know
there isn't a stream or moving water in that place.
It should be frozen solid. I plan to return and try
again over the weekend:)

Bye for now,

04 February 2007

My Latest Website!


This is a quick note to invite everyone to
view my latest website, at the following
URL: http://www.thewayofthecrow.com.

I plan to use this site to launch my eBook,
The Way of the Crow, on March 21st, in
celebration of Spring!

Have a good weekend everybody.

All the best,

29 January 2007

My Late Night Walks


This has been a remarkably open winter here
on the south shore of Nova Scotia. There's
hardly been any snow, although the past two
weeks have been quite cold.

Unfortunately, this hasn't been a good period
for my nightly walks on the old mines road.
Aside from the cold weather, which has
sent me scurrying back to the warmth of my
house on a couple of occasions:), I have also
had to concern myself with the hugh clouds
of dust formed by vehicles as they travel the

You see, cold weather, coupled with lack of
snow, has created a fine, dusty surface, on
the dirt roads.

The walking is great, but it isn't so nice to
meet vehicles! Last night, for instance, I had
a lovely walk in the frosty air, but had to
quickly run for the bushes when I heard an
approaching vehicle.

That's not the best way to enjoy a peaceful,
moonlight walk! :)

So, anyhow, I'm back! I haven't posted to the
blog for about a week, but, rest assured, you'll
be hearing from me again this week.

All the best, and enjoy the moon as it moves
to fullness on February 2nd.

p.s. I just thought I'd let you know that
there's only 69 days until Easter! Happy