07 March 2007

Burr . . . it's a Cold Night!


Well, it's -18 Celsius here on the south shore
of Nova Scotia. I didn't think March could be
this cold:( One thing's certain, I'm not taking
my walk tonight, as the wind chill factor must
make it darn near -30!

I had planned to walk to Minamkeak lake and
to look out over its surface in the moonlight.
Perhaps I would see the little fox that is in the
area. I've seen this young fox on one occasion
and have noted its tracks in the snow.

I have a wood fire going tonight. I've even made
my bed downstairs, close to the comfort of the
wood stove. I plan to finish the night by making
a tea and sipping it while relaxing on the cozy
love seat next to the fire. I enjoy listening to the
sound of the wind as it whistles down the
chimney and stirs the flames of the wood fire.

Later, when I'm sleepy, I'll simply lie down on
the lounge and catch some rest.

Well, I wish all of you sweet dreams and a
wonderful Wednesday!