09 June 2007

Walking With A Clear Night Sky


I had a pleasant walk tonight. The temperature
has cooled down, and is perfect for walking.

I left the house at 11:40 and walked straight
into the darkness of the old mines road. I had
intended to walk at a steady pace, allowing my
eyes to adjust to whatever light was available.
To my surprise, the outline of the road was
quite clear, while the stars were a canopy of
light in the sky.

I saw Venus to the west. It is quite large and
bright, which indicates that it is closer to the
Earth than at other periods during the year. I
felt so grateful to see the night sky, unimpeded
by urban lights, in the year of 2007. Imagine!
Except for the power line, I might have been
walking in the year 1900, or 1850, for that

I felt famished when I arrived home. So, I made
myself a couple slices of toast with butter and
apricot jam. Delicious! Now, I have tea brewing
on the stove, which I intend to sip while I check
my email and do a few things online.

All the best to everyone!


Pixie said...

Hello Laurie,

It must be so nice to see the night sky without other lights interfering with the view.

I have also noticed Venus, you better be careful with the Goddess of Love being so close:)

Take care,