27 April 2007

Wednesday was A Mystical Evening


Yes, this past Wednesday evening was quite special.
I went for a walk and couldn't bring myself to go back
to my home until dusk had moved on and darkness
settled over the landscape.

I noticed that nature was very still while the sunset
painted the sky in an array of colour, ranging from
yellow and gold, to pink and other subtle shades in
that colour range. And, even after dark, you could
look to the Northwest and see a band of light sky,
as if daylight wanted to linger for an extra spell or
period of time.

As I said, I couldn't bring myself to go back indoors.
I had to remain outside, just walking slowly about the
road, field, and forest, contemplating, experiencing
the peace, beauty, and nature of that evening.

When dusk arrived, it was like the world was under
a magic spell. I felt charmed. I kept lazily walking
about, or standing, to soak in the energy of that

Time was mine. It wasn't for working or doing chores.
It was simply the experience of the moment -- each
moment of that special evening.

I had to share this with everyone. There is even
more, when I can figure out the words to express it.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,

Just wanted to say I appreciate you use of language. You made me feel as though I had witnessed that same sunset. Thank you.

Laurie said...


Thanks for the comments. I'm glad that you enjoyed the post.

Yes, it was a special evening.

Bye now,

Pixies said...

Hello Laurie,

I do hope you find the words to describe the continuance of that magical evening. It sounds like you found some oneness, and became part of nature:)

Laurie said...

Hi pixies,

If was certainly a special evening for me. Very magical. Very still. Yes, it was at least approaching a oneness with nature . . . a cosmic consciousness.

Bye now,