26 December 2007

This Lake Speaks: Minamkeak Lake on A Moonlight Night

It's 3:27 in the morning and I just returned from a
late night walk. You see, I was sitting at home
enjoying a tea, when I heard sounds coming from
the forest. So, I went outside on this clear, moonlight
night, and was astounded by the voices coming
from Minamkeak Lake.

I call it "Lake Speak". This happens when air
pressure builds under the ice of a frozen lake, and
seeks release, causing sounds much like a water
drum, or a loud rumbling noise. There are occasions
when this pressure breaks through the ice with a
loud explosion, producing a reef-like ridge of broken
ice that runs long distances over the lake.

So, I walked to the lake, and listened to it speak.
There were times when I heard this loud water
drumming a mile away across the ice, then, a
second later, would hear the thin ice creak near my
feet. Amazing! I felt privileged to be a spectator,
there, at a late hour, on a beautiful moonlight
night, looking out over the lake to witness the
symphony of sounds. Such a wonderful gift from
the Winter Solstice.

Now, I must go to bed and dream. When I close
my eyes, I'll be at the lake, recalling the beautiful
scene. If I'm fortunate, I'll be able to hear the lake
speaking before I fall asleep.

Merry Christmas!

20 December 2007

Walking On A Snowy Evening


I was out walking tonight on the old mines road.
It was quiet and peaceful, with soft snow falling
around me. Once, I heard a breeze come through
the forest from the lake, like a low calling sound,
as if it were asking me to stop and take notice.

We've had snow on practically every second day
of December, here on the south shore of Nova
Scotia. This is unusual, when compared to the
December weather of the past several years.
Perhaps we'll have most of our snow in December,
so that January will be an open, snow free month.

But, you know, a snow covered landscape is
delightful for walking at night. The snow reflects
light back to the eyes, so that walking becomes
easier, even on moonless nights.

I'll be back soon, with comments on a recent walk
at Point Pleasant Park, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Have a good night,

09 December 2007

A Winter Walk With Icey Slush and an Owl


I just returned from a walk along the old Mines Road.
It's a good night for walking, as the temperature is
only -2 Celsuis. As well, the thin covering of snow --
about 5 cm -- reflects the light, and so it was quite
easy to make my way along the road.

As I passed near Minamkeak Lake, I heard slush
splashing against the rocky shore. Evidently, it was
cold enough to form the icey slush in coves or along
the shoreline. What a wonderful sound! I closed my
eyes to listen for about five minutes, before going
on my way.

Later, even in the darkness, I could see the faint
image of a large bird as it flew over the road in front
of me. The bird was likely an owl, on its way to the
lakeshore. It is not unusual for owls to visit the lake,
and often you can hear them call from various places
near Minamkeak.

What a refreshing walk! When I returned home, I
made myself a tea, and drank it while I relaxed near
the warm fire in my old wood stove.

All the best,

01 December 2007

Walking the Seashore at Blandford and Hubbards, Nova Scotia

Last week I went walking by the ocean in the Blandford
and Hubbards area. Those communities are located west
of Halifax, along the South Shore of the province. It was a
breezy and cool afternoon, with rough, choppy water,
along the coastline.

There is a lot of granite in this part of Nova Scotia. In fact,
if you visit Peggy's Cove, you'll notice large granite
boulders scattered over the landscape. If you travel from
there along the coast to Hubbards and Blandford, you'll
see that the shoreline below the high water mark is often
covered with smooth, round, polished granite stones. If
you have the dexterity, you can hop and move over those
stones, much like a dance performer. :)

My friend and I did just that -- we moved over the rocks
like teenagers, displaying a wonderful sense of balance!
Well, perhaps I exaggerate just a wee bit -- but we did
move about in a rather smooth, poetic fashion.

Well, I must go now. I'll be back soon! I'm sorry for the
delay in posting, lately. However, now that my latest
Natural Healing Talk newsletter has gone out to its
subscribers, I'll have more time for posts.

All the best,