18 March 2007

Tracking the Fox


Sorry for not posting to the blog recently. But, I'm
back again, so a flurry of posts will follow soon!

For instance, I've been trying to photograph a young
fox that has frequented the area.

One day last week I was walking near the shore
of Minamkeak Lake, and noticed fox tracks in the
snow. I spent two hours tracking that fox! I
followed it along the shore, and then inland through
the forest. I tried to circle around and intercept
the fox from downwind.

I must have gotten close, because when I suddenly
came upon its tracks again, it had veered at a sharp
right angle away from my approach.

I still haven't photographed that elusive fox!

On a different note, I'm happy to report that Nova
Scotia was spared the nor'easter that recently
swept up through the eastern seaboard causing
major snow-related problems. We received about
an inch of sleet and freezing rain here on the
south shore of the province. Tonight is windy with
periodic rain. That's great! I enjoy a good spring

All the best!

p.s. I'll be back, soon!