02 August 2007

Another Late Night Walk


Well, the moon is quite lovely tonight. It's 2:05
in the morning, and I just returned from a brisk
walk along the old mines road.

I walked at a good pace, tonight. The temperature's
cooled down quite significantly, from the hot day
we just experienced. It was beyond +30 C., and is
supposed to remain hot for the next several days.
I'm happy that it cools down at night!

The landscape was still tonight -- everything was
asleep, I guess:) I didn't even see a porcupine
earlier this evening, or during my walk. I often
hear loons calling on the lake, or the call of an
owl from deep in the forest. But tonight, nothing.

I'm sorry for the brief post, but it is late, and
I have to get some sleep.

All the best!


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