26 July 2007

Out and About in the Moonlight

Hi Everyone,

While I'm still having some dial-up login woes with
Windows Vista, things are looking much better than
at last week this time.

I returned from a moonlight walk about an hour ago.
It was beautiful, as the termperature had cooled down
considerably from earlier in the day. Tomorrow calls
for a hot 32 Celsuis, but, hopefuly, it'll cool down
tomorrow night, so I can enjoy another outing.

I heard a little critter in the bushes along the old mines
road. It sounded about the size of a weasel or small
porcupine. I shone my light in the bushes, and even
got down on my hands and knees so I could peer in
through the undergrowth. Dispite the noise of rustling
leaves and branches, I couldn't see it.

So, I moved on, walking at a brisk pace. I find that I
usually fall into a certain pace during my walks. There
are times when that pace will be fast, while, at other
times, I'll sauter along as if I've got the entire night to
enjoy the adventure. :)

I must go now and have a cup of tea before hitting
the sack. It's been nice to finally get back into the
blogging frame of mind! I'll return soon.

All the best,