28 June 2007

A Summer's Night

I went walking at about 11:15 last night. It was
quite hazy and partially overcast. The moon was
very orange -- both the haziness and colour of
the moon were no doubt a result of the hot day
we had just experienced.

There were bright flashes of heat lightning in the
sky, especially to the northwest. The temperature
had cooled down to about 15 Celsius. Frogs were
croaking in a cove along the shore of Minamkeak

I walked at a relaxed, steady pace. An animal
stirred in the bushes to my right. I stopped to listen.
It kept moving about, snapping small twigs. It may
have been a porcupine. The sound seemed to
imply that it was an animal the size of a raccoon
or porcupine.

I often hear loons in the lake, but this time the frogs
were singing by themselves.

Returning home, I had a good view of the moon
towards the south, southwest. Twice, it came out
from under the clouds, to throw its light on me and
the surrounding landscape. Those were beautiful

Have a good day!