04 August 2007

Early Morning Walk


Yes, I went for a walk this morning along the old
mines road, but in the direction opposite to what
I normally take, nights. It was a beautiful morning
for walking, as the air was cool, the birds were
singing, and the sun would occasionally peek out
from behind the cloud cover.

Along the way, I noticed a porcupine out on my
field, munching away at some grasses, and there
was a small woodpecker in off the road by about
thirty yards searching for grubs on an old dry pine

Later, as I passed by a swamp, I noticed how much
of it was protected and covered by large branches
of trees that reach out over the swampy area.
Peeking in through the branches, I saw how the
swamp lay still and protected in a heavy cover of
shade. This reminded me of small swamps and
bogs I have seen in the deep south, in places like
Mississippi and Louisiana.

I had a nice morning walk. It was a pleasant contrast
to the walks I normally take in the evening or late
at night.

All the best!