15 June 2007

A Note on Fear

I received an email message from Brian Vaszily, who
has created the "What is Your Greatest Fear Project"
at his website, IntenseExperiences.Com. You can go
to the site and comment on your own greatest fears.
On the other hand, you can simply go there, and read
the comments of other folks.

Click Here to visit the website.

While on the subject of "fear," I want to describe a
practice you can perform in this regard. it involves one
of the most prevalent fears, and something that is often
played upon in horror and mystery films. I'm referring
to the fear of darkness!

Do you remember those old Boris Karloff films? Wow!
How well some of them played on our fear of the dark,
often combining it with thunder, lightning, and heavy rain.

The practice is simply to walk into the darkness of the
night. I consider this a type of shamanistic practice, in
that it encourages fearlessness and a familiarity with
darkness, an aspect of nature.

I'll often leave the house and simply walk into the night.
Just walk at a good pace. Slowly, your eyes will adjust
to the available light, and you will usually end up seeing
much better than you had imagined.

Occasionally, I'll catch myself glancing quickly to the
rear, to be certain a boogeyman isn't sneaking up behind
me:)) In the end, it always turns out to be a wonderful
walk, and an opportunity to experience nature under
unique and interesting conditions.

All the best and enjoy your walk!


Kelly said...

Hi Laurie

It must be great to beable to walk into the darkness and have no worries. As I said before I'm not afraid of the dark just what's in it.:)
Happy walking luv Kelly

Pixie said...

Hello Laurie,

If I could only be hiding in those woods on a dark windy night...the boogeyman...or women would surly give you a fright!

Ha ha, not the devil himself would be able to catch you!

Seriously, you make a very good point, but I still wouldn't have the nerve, or courage to do what you do.

Is your other blog ready yet? ...Still waiting:)

Laurie said...

Ha ha . . . yes, I'd probably run like the devil himself!

Thank you both for the comments!