09 February 2007

I Soaked my Feet:)


Well, it continues to be cold here in Nova
Scotia, but I'm hoping that things will change
in another week or so -- in fact, the maple
sap should start running in about a month.
I enjoy maple sap weather when the temperature
rises during the day and dips below freezing
at night.

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to walk back
through the forest to a frozen bog, because I
like to listen to the chickadees chirping in
among the thick alder bushes that grow there.

Anyhow, I decided to walk out on the bog,
thinking the ice had to be thick or well frozen.
To my surprise, I fell through and got both feet
soaked! So, there I was with soaking wet feet
on a cold winter day. Fortunately, I live less than
half a mile from the bog, so that I was able to
quickly return home.

I'll tell you one thing -- I walked fast, and was
surprised to find that my feet actually felt warm
by the time I got back home. However, I removed
my wet things, and put on dry socks and slippers.

I'm still amazed that I fell through the ice! I know
there isn't a stream or moving water in that place.
It should be frozen solid. I plan to return and try
again over the weekend:)

Bye for now,