24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hi Everyone,

I want to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS

Hopefully, I will be back in 2010 with at
least twice as many posts as I had in this
past year.

All the best,

02 December 2009

A Frosty Full Moon Walk

Hi Everyone,

Well, what a wonderful full moon we are having

It's around midnight and I just returned from a
moonlight stroll along the old mines road. The
night is frosty and the landscape glitters under
a clear, bright sky.

I sometimes muse how the quality of my life
would suffer without these moonlight walks.
They are the source of much inspiration in my
life, and contribute to mystical consciousness
and impressions that I would be hard pressed
to explain.

So, I'll leave it at that....

However, if anyone who reads my words cares
to follow my footsteps in moonlight, then you
may reach a point where you clearly understand
without the need for further explanation.

All the best,

29 October 2009

Childhood School Memories

Hi Everyone,

This week I've taken regular walks along
the old country road. This morning, I was
walking along the road when the school bus
passed by, on its way to picking up kids
further along the way. That bus sent my
thoughts scurrying back to childhood days,
of riding the bus, and of my hatred for

Oh yes, I hated school, with the exception
of my final year. In fact, I quit grade 7 for
three years running. One year, I did manage
to attend classes for 28 days.

Even as early as grade 5, I would hide from
the school bus. I'd leave for school, but run
away into the forest before reaching the bus
stop. There, I'd climb a tree, and watch the
bus pass by. Later, near mid-morning, I'd
make my way back home.

So, anyhow, that's a brief glimpse into my
childhood, courtesy of the yellow school bus
that passed me on the old country road this

All the best,

16 October 2009

Blog Action Day on Climate Change

Hi Everyone,

Well October 15th is Blog Action Day on Climate
Change, and I want to contribute a few words to
the event.

You know, some of the most effective environmental
action can start at the individual level, and
gain momentum until it becomes a broad based, grass
roots movement.

So, do some research and determine how you can
contribute in some small way to minimizing
climate change. It'll make you feel good, and
you'll be contributing to the health of our home,
the earth.

All the best,

07 October 2009

Natural Healing and Wellness in the Natural World

Hi Everyone,

I've lived most of my life in the rural landscape
of Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. Over the years,
I've gained a keen appreciation for the healing
and restorative potential of natural landscape
and nature.

I know that a beautiful natural setting, and a
quiet walk through forest and field, or along a
country road, has as much or more potential for
healing and wellness as does a prescription

Actually, that's mainly the reason I started my
Natural Healing Talk newsletter. I wanted to
communicate my feelings and insights about nature
and the natural world, as they relate to healing
and wellness.

Just last night, I took a walk with the moon
shining brightly overhead. I often take walks
on moonlit nights, and frequently talk about
them on this blog. I enjoy writing about those
outings, and my other nature experiences, and
love communicating with people from all over
the world.

I hope you'll visit my blog, often!

Good medicine always,

02 October 2009

Moonlight Stroll in Nova Scotia

Hi Everyone,

Well, I just returned from a moonlight stroll.
It's a beautiful night here on the south shore
of Nova Scotia. Rather cool, though, with the
temperature hovering around 10 Celsuis.

I love the harvest moon of October. It stays
fairly high in the sky, all evening, and into
the late night hours.

As I walked along the old dirt road, a
porcupine moved out from the bushes, sudden
like, at about twenty feet in front of me. It
didn't seem the least bit disturbed by my
approaching figure or the sound of my
footsteps, but simply moved over the road and
off into the bushes.

I figure Porky was on his way to an apple
tree in the nearby field.

So, now, I'm back home, and sipping a cup of
tea as I write this note. I'll post it in a
minute or so, then finish my tea, and head
off to bed.

All the best to everyone,

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you! :)

27 September 2009

Late September Roses

Hi Everyone,

I have never known a rambler rose to bloom this late.

There are several old rambler rose bushes on my front
lawn. The bushes have been there for longer than I can
remember. They are probably at least eighty years old.

This summer they went through their usual blooming
cycle, which was beautiful, as you can imagine. But,
now, I have an autumn bloom! See the photo, below.

So, as you can see, it's a beautiful bloom, and adds
a nice touch to the front lawn.

I'll return soon, with another post. In the meantime,
I hope you enjoy the last few days of September!

All the best,

29 August 2009

I'm Back!

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry for being absent for so long, but,
rest assured, I'll be posting on a regular
basis, now.

The former tropical storm system, "Danny,"
is passing over Nova Scotia tonight. We're
getting lots of rain and wind! However, the
good part of it, is that I was inspired to
steep tea and romance the rain, while the
storm raged outside. Simply delightful!

So now I go, but will return, soon.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

All the best,

07 July 2009

Apple Blossoms


I haven't been blogging for a spell. I thought I'd get back into it
by publishing this beautiful photo of apple blossoms on my field,
that was taken back in June of this year.


I now have a chair under the largest of the apple trees, where I
can sit and relax on sunny days. :)

All the best,

05 June 2009

Ground Hog Passing Through The Area

Hi Everyone,

Well, a few weeks back I saw a Ground Hog near my
stone wall. We even had a wee conversation, when I
went poking around to see where he or she had hidden
amongst the rocks. They make a most amazing sound!
In part, it's much like the call of a bird.

Quite wonderful!

Anyhow, it looks like Ground Hog was just moving
throught the area, as I haven't seen it for well over
two weeks.

Below is a picture of Ground Hog by my stone wall.

Be back soon!

05 May 2009

It's A Rainy Night

Hi Everyone,

Well, just thought I'd stop around this evening. I had
hoped to get outside walking tonight, but we're having
some rain here on the south shore of Nova Scotia.
So, it's not a good night for walking!

However, as many of you know, I enjoy a rainy night.
It's so nice to lie in bed, listening, as the rain hits against
the roof, overhead. Truly, one of the simple pleasures
in life.

I must go now. Will return again, shortly, with another
post. In the meantime, if anyone would like to follow me
on Twitter, here's my link:

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If you follow me, I'll follow you! :)

All the best,

15 April 2009

Cow Lily Rhizome

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's spring, and I'm out and about to see
what I can observe, as nature gradually takes on
her spring coat.

I was up along the old mines road in the gold
fields, and discovered that the beavers are at
work cutting down small trees, and digging up
all kinds of interesting things.

Anyhow, I looked down off of the small bridge
that crossed over a stream, and noticed a strange
looking object lying amongst the grasses, near
the stream's edge.

Well, much to my amazement, it was a cow
lily rhizome that the beavers had dislodged
from the bottom of the stream.

And, a beautiful sample, at that!

Now, I thought I'd post a couple of photos of
the rhizome, below, for those of you who have
never seem cow lily rhizome. They never cease
to amaze me -- every time I see a cow lily
rhizome, I'm amazed at how much they resemble
something that we might associate with the
prehistoric period of earth's existence!

Heck, they look like something from the movie,
Jurassic Park! :)

Now, in North American Native medicine and
food systems, I've noticed that information on
roots and rhizomes, are often interchangeable.
For example, with the cow lily, it is often
said that the roots were pounded to a pulp and
used to reduce swellings. Well, in this case, it
actually refers to the cow lily rhizome being
pounded and used for that purpose. If there
happened to be roots attached to the rhizome,
they would probably have been used as well.

Also, I must admit, that in my book, Micmac
Medicines, I am guilty of that as well. In other
words, I talk about cow lily roots, when I was
actually referring to the rhizome. I was simply
expressing it in the same fashion as it had been
expressed to me.

Enjoy the photos!

All the best,

31 March 2009

It'll Soon Be Kayaking Season!

Hi Everyone,

Well, spring is upon us, and I'm eager to put my
kayak in the water!

In fact, so eager was I this past weekend, that
I practised my kayaking technique on the remains
of a snow bank! So, what do you think? Is this
silly desperation or just plain enthusiasm?

In any case, I hope you get a chuckle from the
photo, below.

Laughter is good medicine. . . . ;)

All the best,

p.s. I forgot my life jacket. . . .

12 March 2009

The March Moon and Birthday Celebrations

Hi Everyone,

Well, last night I was on the old mines road walking in the
light of the full moon. It was splendid! A bit frosty, but, still,
the night had the feeling of approaching spring!

I walked to Minamkeak Lake and noticed that the ice is
melting along the shore. However, it is still safe to skate
in the coves, so with a bit of freezing, I may yet have one
last skate this coming weekend!

My birthday was March 4th, but was celebrated last
Saturday evening and night with festivities around the fire
pit. It was the first time the fire pit was used this year. Also,
my amazing woman friend, Rita, baked me a birthday
cake from scratch. It was delicious!

But, wait! Before you leave, please check out the pics,
below. The first one shows me eating the remaining mix
from the mixing bowl. The second pic shows me by the
birthday cake.

Hey! Notice the scarcity of candles. . . bet you didn't
know I was still a youngster! Go ahead, count 'em. ;)

All the best,


Traditional Plant Medicine Consultant
at Wild World of Plants

26 February 2009

The Conifer Trees In Native Medicine Traditions

This is the first of two articles on the medicinal and
wellness potential of conifer trees. In this first article,
I'll discuss some of the history of conifer trees in eastern
and northeastern North American Native medicine

The conifers were widely used by medicine makers
in those traditional cultures. In fact, it's fair to say that
conifer trees were used as often as many of the
herbs and woody plants and bushes. So, it's not
surprising that the earliest reference to indigenous
medicines, in the journals of European visitors to
North America, refers to a conifer tree.

n 1536, Jacques Cartier and his crew were wintering
over at Stadacona (Now known as Quebec City). Their
ships were frozen in the thick ice of the St. Lawrence
river. His crew were dying of scurvy.

Nearby, an Iroquois Chief learned of the illness and
death amongst Cartier's crew. He sent branches of an
evergreen tree to Cartier, with instructions on how
to prepare it. The branches were from the "annedda"
tree (This is probably from the Iroquois word, "haneda,"
which I've read translates something like, "greens on a

Within days the crew had recovered. Cartier wrote
in his journal (translated): "... had all the doctors of
Louvain and Montpellier been there, with all the drugs
of Alexandria, they could not have done so much in a
year as did this tree in eight days."

Two centuries would pass before the British medical
community discovered the cause and cure for scurvy.
And, to this day, the Annedda tree has not been
identified with any measure of certainty.

Other accounts of explorers and missionaries, make
mention of conifers, including Balsam Fir, Spruce, and
Pine. The Balsam Fir is legendary, and is the tree that
I personally feel is likely the fabled Annedda. Scholars
have suggested that it is White Pine, White Cedar, or
White Spruce. It has also been suggested that there is
etymological evidence to support Eastern Hemlock, in
this regard.

Whatever the case may be, the story of the Annedda
tree points out the long history of the Native medicine
maker tradition. It also illustrates the beauty and holistic
nature of that tradition -- the medicine maker's eyes
are not only pointed to the ground, to the herbs, but they
are in the trees, as well.

Good medicine always,

Note: This article appeared in the 15 February 2009
edition of my Natural Healing Talk Newsletter.

09 February 2009

This Melancholy Moon

Hi Everyone,

Over the years, I've noticed how the moon influences
me, emotionally. For instance, the January moon
impressed me with its strength and brightness.

Now, of course, the moon various in her brightness,
partly because of changes in our atmospheric conditions,
the seasons, and her distance from the earth. There
are probably other factors at work, as well.

But, what I really want to mention in this post, is
that for me, this February moon is a melancholy moon.
As it approaches fullness, it is having a strong
influence on my emotional or mental state. I'm feeling

I've often recognized such lunar influences in the
past. I'm very sensitive in this regard. The moods
leave me as the moon passes through fullness, and
begins to wane.

Perhaps this sensitivity is related to my Pisces

Does anyone else notice the moon's influence on
their emotions?

Well, I must move on and "twitter". if you are a
member of Twitter, you can follow me at this link:

All the best,

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03 February 2009

Walking In A Winter Storm

Hi Everyone,

Well, I dressed warm, put on my boots, and went
walking in the snow, sleet, and wind, earlier this
evening. As I walked along the old mines road, I
noticed a constant hum, as the wind danced and
darted its way through the needles and branches
of the tall spruce trees.

A couple of vehicles had broken a path through the
snow. So, the walking was made somewhat easier
because of that, although I still felt my feet slip
with each step I took. In the end, I soon turned
back, as my warm house and a cup of tea, beckoned
my return.

To some extent, I enjoy walking in storms, as they
show us another side of nature. They also make me
appreciate a warm home!

Now, as I type this message, I notice there's a lull
in the wind, and, in this calmness, even the sleet
has ended. Perhaps the storm has passed and moved
further east?

In the morning, I will prepare a feeding area for the
birds. I do this with snowshoes. How? Well, I walk
over the area until the snowshoes create a hard
surface for the birds to enjoy. I then scatter the
seeds and the birds have a grand time on their new
feeding grounds.

I hope everyone has a splendid February! I'll return,

All the best,

09 January 2009

White Dust

I went walking in the moonlight, again tonight.

This January moon, it's special -- such brightness,
such light!

I suppose it's because of the snowy landscape?
It reflects the moonlight so well. Seems like day.

I walked down the old road to Minamkeak Lake.
You should have seen it in the moonlight! Such a
powerful and special lake....

I looked out across the lake as the wind touched
my face. My vision was hazy. I realized this wind
was carrying snow over the lake like thick specks
of white dust.

I breathed deeply -- breathing the white dust....

"Minamkeak!" I spoke. "Mighty Minamkeak!"

I turned and left that place, walking slowly back
up the road. The wind tickled the back of my neck.

Now I'm sipping a cup of hot tea.

I feel good -- real good.


04 January 2009

Snow As Waves Of Movement In The Light Of A Waxing Moon

Hi Everyone,

Yes, I went walking in the moonlight this evening.

The sky was overcast, but the moon broke through,
occasionally. It was cold as I left the house to walk
along the old mines road. There was a breeze coming
in from the northwest, which made the -5 degree
temperature seem more like -15!

I walked at a fast pace and enjoyed how the snow
reflected the light from the moon, even while it was
under the clouds. When it broke through the cloud
cover, the snow glistened in the frosty light.

Altogether, I had a beautiful outing!

I love walking on winter evenings. At one point tonight,
as I walked along the road, my eyes watered from
the cold -- I also noticed waves of movement in the
air. At first I thought the movement was an illusion
caused by water-filled eyes. However, I soon realized
that the wave-like movement was in fact snow swirling
about in the air.

This was the first time I had experienced snow as
a wave movement. I couldn't see the flakes -- just the
motion they made in front and around me. I first saw
the flakes of snow, when I turned on my flashlight.

So, now, I'm off for a cup of tea, and then a bubble
bath before I hit the sack!

All the best for 2009!

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