04 May 2007

Walking With An Early May Moon

What a splendid walk I had tonight! I left the
house at approximately 1 o'clock, and went
walking along the old mines road. The clouds
had cleared away, while the moon was fairly high
in the sky, to the south.

As I walked along the road, my gaze wandered
to the north, where I saw a bright shooting star
blaze its way over the sky. It was visible for a
full three seconds, I would say, and perhaps
even four seconds. This was an occasion where
time seemed to slow, giving one the opportunity
to devour every precious second that passed.

And, then, walking into the bright moonlight
as I made my way home, I thought about my
family and friends, and whether anyone was
out and about at that hour of the night?

There were animals about, probably deer and
porcupine, and I heard an owl calling from deep
in the forest to the north of where I walked.
Often, when I walk, the owl calls become louder,
as they work their way towards Minamkeak

I got home feeling quite fresh. I think I could
have kept walking in that moonlight. Perhaps,
even, until daybreak. That would be an awesome
experience! I would stop some place and make
myself breakfast. Perhaps make a pan of bacon
and eggs over an open fire:) Wow! Now there's
a thought . . . .

Good night and sweet dreams, everybody.


pixies said...

Hello Laurie,

Please make sure you have enough of that bacon to share...I never had bacon over an open fire, what an experiece that would be!

Thanks for making us dream:)

Laurie said...

Hi there!

Yes, fried bacon over an open fire
is simply delicious!

I can remember walking across the
frozen lake in the winter, with my
dog, and building a fire near one
of the islands. I'd always do this on
a mild, sunny day, and choose a spot
that was well sheltered from the breeze.

There, my dog and I would make our
bacon -- often, mixing beans with the
bacon -- and have a splendid meal together.

My gosh, did "Teddy" ever love bacon:))

Then, we'd explore a bit, perhaps play
a game of tossing the stick, before returning home. Fond memories!

Bye now,