04 September 2007

Walking and Kayaking -- Wind, Waves, Darkness and Light


I took my kayak to a Mahone Bay beach area
today, and had a great time out in the high waves.
I managed to kayak into the wind, across to the
other side of the bay. At one point, I met a terrific
cross wind that almost brought me to a standstill.
On another occasion, I entered a wave on the
wrong note, and took a good splashing!

I love getting into the flow, where you can pick
your way through the waves -- it's exhilarating
and the flow is akin to a zen-like experience.

Tonight, I went walking. It was quite dark, as the
waning moon hadn't risen over the horizon. So, I
simply walked into the darkness. At first, it was
even difficult to distinguish the road from the
surrounding landscape. Yet, as I walked, things
became clearer -- my eyes used what little light
was available so that I could easily see the outline
of the road in front of me.

Altogether, it was a very good day. Now, I look
forward to a pleasant sleep.

Sweet dreams to everyone!