25 March 2007

This Powerful Moon . . . .


I just returned from an evening walk in the moonlight.
The mud has frozen and the light from the moon
makes it easy to walk around the puddles of water.

This moon is really powerful. I can feel its strong
effects. It inspired me to do a sweet grass session
and now my home is smelling after the beautiful
scent of sweet grass.

This is a moon for lovers. It's a romantic moon -- a
time to walk in the moonlight with your lover, and to
fill the night sky with moonlight kisses;) Imagine
that! So, go on, take your lover, your companion, by
the hand and kiss under the stars . . . the moon . . .
and enjoy a moonlight walk together.

Mmmm . . .

No, I won't say what I'm thinking. Perhaps I'll tell
you in my next post. I have to be sure this inspiration
isn't a passing fancy. . . .

Laurie Coyote

p.s. I'm drunk on this wonderful moon . . .I feel like a
Coyote . . . think I'll go now and howl in the moonlight.