23 October 2007

Walking With the Harvest Moon


It's 11:30 in the evening and I just returned from
a walk along the old mines road. The temperature
is a mild 12 Celsuis, which is nice for walking.
There is a slight breeze in the air, which, also,
adds to the pleasure of walking.

The sky is clear and the moon is taking full
advantage of it. Even thought we're still several
days from the full moon, I had to make special
note of its brightness. This is going to be a
spectacular harvest moon!

At one point I stopped to listen at the waves
lapping against the shore of Minamkeak Lake.
The sound carried very well up through the woods
to my ears. It was tonic medicine to my mind
and spirit, carrying away the stress of the day's

Then, later, as I walked past a field, I heard
the snorting of an animal, probably a deer, but
gave little attention to it.

On my return, I walked into the moon, experiencing
its strong effects. When I was a quarter mile from
my home, I left the road, visiting a clearing
covered with caribou moss. The moss reflected
moonlight, making for sharp contrast with the
shade covered forest floor on the perimeter of
the clearing.

Pleasant memories -- healing memories to be
carried through the coming winter months and

My best regards,