08 November 2007

I Survived the Remnants of Hurricane Noel


Well, as it turned out, I lost my electric
power when the remnants of Hurricane Noel
blasted its way through Nova Scotia. However,
I didn't suffer any permanant damage to
property -- lost about ten shingles off my
house, but that was the extent of the damage.

Oh yes, when nature decides to unlease her
fury, we have to take notice, and often take

Now, tonight is very still, with the temperature
hovering around the freezing mark. I had
intended to go walking, but have decided to
stay home and catch up with blog posting,
email, and some over online chores.

I'll be back over the weekend with another
post -- for now, I just wanted to let you
know that I survived the fury of Noel!

All the best,