02 September 2007

Hiking With Friends to Sperry Lake

Hi Everyone,

Well, today, I went for a hike to Sperry Lake with a
couple of old friends. This lake is located about three
kilometres west of Petite Riviere, in Lunenburg County,
Nova Scotia. It's a small body of water, located a
considerable distance from the main highway leading
from Petite Riviere to Vogler's Cove.

We followed old roads until we arrived at the shore. It
was nice to stand there and feel the refreshing breeze
coming down over the lake. The breeze was strong
enough to form white caps over the water.

It's obvious that the area was logged or cut over, and
within the past twenty to thirty years, I'd estimate. The
new ground cover is mostly spruce, fir, and pine, with
large amounts of blackberry and raspberry bushes.
In fact, we enjoyed eating our share of the berries while
we hiked!

There is also a lot of dead trees, both standing and on
the ground, creating a good environment for birds and
small animals. There is also a high area, that affords a
good view of the surrounding landscape.

Altogether, we had an interesting afternoon hike. It
was nice to do it with friends who will be off to Ontario
on Monday. I'll miss them. I wish they lived closer to
me. Oh well, at least the hike will offer fond memories
until they return next summer.

I must go. All the best to everyone!