17 April 2007

Wind and Rain, Earth and Fire


Well, I haven't taken my walks for the past couple
of nights, as we've been under seige from the terrific
nor'easter blowing up along the Atlantic coast. It's
a wild storm and continues to blow strong today.
We've also had quite a lot of rain with the storm.

However, I love to listen to the rain and wind as I
fall asleep nights. Often, in my mind, I'll journey
to a special place on the shore of Liepsigaek Lake,
and visualize myself sitting by a camp fire to the
rear of a high bluff. The bluff shelters me from the
wind and rain blowing off the lake, and from the
waves hitting on the shore.

The bluff is a real place and, on occasion, I've built
myself a fire in back of it. I built a sacred fire there
years ago, that still burns in my heart. That was in
the late 1980s. I also went skating there, about 25
years ago, and built a fire to warm my feet and to
heat a can of beans in the cold winter air.

There's nothing quite like beans heated over an
open fire. Yummy! Add to that a brew of hot, black
tea, and you feel like you've transported yourself
back in time a hundred years.

Oh yes, just writing about those things makes me
tingle inside. In fact, if it wasn't so darn stormy, I'd
be tempted to shut down my computer and go there
now. But, no, that wouldn't work, as the bluff would
be surrounded by water. The lake floods the area in
the spring season and into mid-summer.

Well, anyhow, I'll be back soon. I'm so pleased to
have my crow book online. I often think of those
years and about the intelligence of crows and birds
in general. Now, I have a little chickadee that follows
me around the yard. Fun!

All the best,