21 June 2007

River Note


You know, there is something special about every
aspect or facet of nature. Rivers are no exception.

When you visit a river, you can get lost in the flow
of the water, or, in the ripples that the water makes
as it flows around rocks or passes over shallow
places. If you close your eyes and listen carefully,
you can hear the song of the river. Be careful, if
you follow the song, you may not return.

Then, again, if you watch carefully, you may see
a fish jump, or perhaps you may find a family of
water bugs playing in a pool of water, near your feet.
If I were you, I would also watch the sky; if you're
lucky, an eagle will fly over the river and circle high
in the air until it disppears behind a cloud.

Yes, rivers are wonderful. They have many gifts.
What do you see in a river?

All the best,


Pixie said...

Hello Laurie,

What do I see in a river...I see the flow of time, a need to replenish life, and possibly the origins of man.

The river can be calm and soothing, or a turmoil of anger and confusion, or an emotional state of being.

But more important, the water holds a part of us all.
We are affected by the flow, because we ourselves contain so much of it.

Keep smiling,