04 July 2007

The Natural World and Our Sanity in A High-Tech Age


We're all aware of the need to curb pollution for the
sake of the planet, and, in fact, for our very survival
and the survival of other species. However, I want
to mention something else that is clear in my mind.

The natural world is going to become very important
for the maintenance of our mental health and sanity.
It's quite important now, but with each passing year,
with the appearance of each new high-tech gadget,
it will become even more important.

What do I mean, exactly?

Well, I'm talking about our need to walk away from
all the gadgetry for periods at a time -- to slow down,
to relax, and to take the time to appreciate ourselves
and the blessings of life. Otherwise, there's a danger
that we will become slaves to the very technology
that is supposed to serve us and make life more

Eventually, there's a real danger that both our attention
span and out intelligence will suffer because of
technology. Information and answers will be (are) at
our finger tips, without the need to think and ponder
and solve things for ourselves.

I think all of us should take daily siestas from all things
high-tech. We should have at least one break during
the day, to relax, to walk, sit, and ponder life. This we
should do in a natural setting.

So, please, set aside a period of time for yourselves.
Turn off the cell phones, instant messaging devices,
iPods, television, and do something totally non-tech.
Enjoy the natural world -- appreciate the trees, flowers,
water, clouds, sun, moon, and other natural elements.
You'll be a much more contented and pleasant individual
for having done so.

My best regards,


Pixie said...

Hi Laurie,

I couldn't agree with you more, escape to your own oasis...where ever it may be and enjoy yourselves, a short time is better than none.

Keep smiling,