09 November 2011

I'm Back Blogging With the November Moon

Well, it's good to be back with another blog post; in fact,
this is the first post in quite a while. I even debated whether
to continue with the blog, as I hadn't written any posts for
so long. In the end, I got sentimental, and figured I should
give it another effort. Who knows, I might catch fire, and
write posts regularly.

Perhaps the moon is the reason I'm continuing with the blog.
I've taken walks in the moonlight on three of the past five
nights. It inspires me! This is the effect of moonlight
consciousness. So, why not write about it.

It seems that I always find myself stopping by a particular
field, to admire the beauty of moonlight on grass, of dark
shadows, and the sound of lake water in the background. On
occasion, the atmosphere is such that I feel I've moved back
in time, and half expect to feel a lantern in my hand, or to
hear a horse with wagon approach along the old road.

As I type this post, I realize that I am still high with moon
energy, and that its light is dancing in my body. Flashes of
transcendental light, bits of cosmic energy, and food for
moon dreams as I sleep through the night.

Sweet dreams....