11 July 2007

This Foggy Night


Well, I left my place at 10 o'clock tonight, expecting
the fog and darkness to make walking conditions
difficult and challenging. However, much to my surprise,
rather than having to make my way through darkness
as thick as the proverbial pea soup, the night is quite
bright, considering the approaching new moon period.

Although I must admit my ignorance of the scientific
facts, I suspect the fog or moisture captures and traps
whatever light is available, making the night brighter
than it would be on either an overcast or starlight night.

The temperature is a comfortable 18 Celsius, so walking
conditions are excellent. I was able to pick up the
specks of light from fireflies, flashing brightly against the
dark silhouettes of trees lining the old mining road.

Now, I'm hungry! You see, I skipped supper. So, I
must sign off, and make a late evening sandwich. I'll
cap it off with a cup of tea.

All the best!