01 December 2007

Walking the Seashore at Blandford and Hubbards, Nova Scotia

Last week I went walking by the ocean in the Blandford
and Hubbards area. Those communities are located west
of Halifax, along the South Shore of the province. It was a
breezy and cool afternoon, with rough, choppy water,
along the coastline.

There is a lot of granite in this part of Nova Scotia. In fact,
if you visit Peggy's Cove, you'll notice large granite
boulders scattered over the landscape. If you travel from
there along the coast to Hubbards and Blandford, you'll
see that the shoreline below the high water mark is often
covered with smooth, round, polished granite stones. If
you have the dexterity, you can hop and move over those
stones, much like a dance performer. :)

My friend and I did just that -- we moved over the rocks
like teenagers, displaying a wonderful sense of balance!
Well, perhaps I exaggerate just a wee bit -- but we did
move about in a rather smooth, poetic fashion.

Well, I must go now. I'll be back soon! I'm sorry for the
delay in posting, lately. However, now that my latest
Natural Healing Talk newsletter has gone out to its
subscribers, I'll have more time for posts.

All the best,