03 June 2007

An Encounter With A Fox


Well, those of you who follow this blog regularly,
probably remember the post referring to my encounter
with a fox on the old mines road. We kind of looked
at each other, then went our separate ways.

I had another encounter with that fox this morning
-- at least I think it was the same fox. We always
seem to be coming towards each other, initially. On
this occasion, I was walking over my field when I saw
the fox trotting my way, looking about for field mice,
I suppose.

That fox really didn't seem the least bit concerned
about me, as it stopped to investigate a small area
of tall, dry grass, and bayberry bushes.

I watched the fox.

The fox watched the grass and bushes.

I waved at the fox.

The fox sniffed about the grass and bushes.

I called out, "Howdy, partner!"

Well, that fox turned on its heels and ran towards
the forest, with its beautiful tail straight out in
the rear!

On another note, I later went to the area where I had
that delightful experience with the birds and peepers,
last week. I'm referring to the post I made on May 26th.
I took a photo of the place and posted it below. Enjoy!

Bye for now,


Pixie said...

Hello Laurie,

I enjoyed looking at the photo you provided, but one thing keeps coming to my mind.

I just can't imagine a Coyote and a Fox sharing the same field!

Keep us dreaming,

Laurie said...

Ha ha . . . yes, I know, that does seem like a peculiar situation. Imagine what a scheme a Coyote and a Fox could hatch, if they put their heads together!

Bye now,

Kelly said...

Hi Laurie,

Nice photo. If you add a pixie to the mix I think the world would be in trouble.:)

Luv, Kelly

Laurie said...

Hi Kelly,

Yes, I know . . . and, a person can't be too careful . . . those Pixies are buzzing around all over the place this spring:))

All the best!

Pixies said...

Hey guys,

Now if we add the cunning of a Coyote, the swiftness of the Fox, the mischievous nature of the Pixie...then all may be in trouble:)


Anonymous said...

Hey there!

Up here on Kodiak we have tons of foxes but you hardly ever see them.

Around my neighborhood (its wintertime so snow is EVERYWHERE) there has been this fox who we promptly name Limp becaude he/she used to have an injured right rear leg and it didn't heal all the way right so Limp...well...limps.

Well the other day (2 days ago to be exact) I had a sudden urge to climb one of our pine trees (i think its pine) so I jump our backyard fence and began trotting throught the snow. All of a sudden I realize i'm not the only one in the snow. I freeze and then whirl around, just to come face to face with Limp barely two feet away. He/she had the cutest face that said OMG she saw me! He had his front legs splayed in front of him as if he'd tripped in my footprints. I sat down slowly, picked up a pinecone next to me, and held it out. Curiously but cautiously, Limp walked up, sniffed the pinecone, bit it and ran off a few yards. Then he/she came back and did the last thing I expected him/her to do: he/sbe pooped right in front of me and litterally gave me a look that said, "It's a work of art, isn't it." For the next thirty minutes we hang out but never touch. Our neighbors notice me with him/her out on the hill and snapped some pics before he finally skipped off.

He was a charming fellow, and I hope he lives a good life.

Laurie said...

Hi to Kodiak!

Thank you very much for sharing the wonderful story! I've never heard a fox story quite like that. I keep hoping for a similar kind of experience with a fox, but it hasn't happened yet. :)

Please stop around, again!

All the best,