19 October 2007

Kayaking on Minamkeak Lake


We had a beautiful Thursday on the south shore
of Nova Scotia. I took advantage of it and went
kayaking on Minamkeak Lake.

I put my kayak in the water at the head of the
lake, and explored some of the small inlets and
coves there. At one point, I noticed several
freshly peeled sticks, the work of beavers who
are probably building a lodge or dam at some
point along a nearby stream that flows into

I then paddled into a small cove and up to a
large rock that a friend of mine affectionately
calls "Eagle Rock". She saw a large bald eagle
sitting on the rock, one day, looking down over
the lake. The eagle had a terrific view of the
lake, from its position on the rock.

The eagle on the rock, was an honour and a
special gift to my friend. It's always very special
to be in the presence of an eagle.

I was out on the lake for several hours -- I know
it's soon time to put my kayak away for the winter,
but I'm content in the knowledge that I have many
pleasant memories from kayaking these past
five or six months.

Bye, for this time,