20 December 2007

Walking On A Snowy Evening


I was out walking tonight on the old mines road.
It was quiet and peaceful, with soft snow falling
around me. Once, I heard a breeze come through
the forest from the lake, like a low calling sound,
as if it were asking me to stop and take notice.

We've had snow on practically every second day
of December, here on the south shore of Nova
Scotia. This is unusual, when compared to the
December weather of the past several years.
Perhaps we'll have most of our snow in December,
so that January will be an open, snow free month.

But, you know, a snow covered landscape is
delightful for walking at night. The snow reflects
light back to the eyes, so that walking becomes
easier, even on moonless nights.

I'll be back soon, with comments on a recent walk
at Point Pleasant Park, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Have a good night,