12 November 2010

Celebrating the Writer and Reader With the Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Hi Everyone,

Yes, ebook reading devices such as the Kindle Wireless
Reading Device, and online self publishers such as Amazon's
CreateSpace, have, to some extent, liberated the writer
from the whims of traditional publishers, their editors,
and their publishing decisions.

Online publishing has opened the world to the consumer of
literature, as well. I think it's great for everyone concerned,
both readers and writers.

As a writer, I have more choices now. I still will be involved
with traditional offline publishers, but I will also explore
online self-publishing. They both represent great potential
for my writing career.

If you are interested in having more information on the Kindle
Reader, and on free Kindle reading applications, check out my
links, below.

Thanks, and happy reading and writing!

All the best,

01 November 2010

Halloween Walk

Hi Everyone,

Well, last evening I went for a Halloween walk. It was
dark and somewhat overcast on the south shore of Nova
Scotia, which gave the evening a spooky atmosphere. I
must say, it made for an excellent Halloween.

My walk was brisk and uneventful, except for one moment
when I thought I heard something rustling in the bushes.
I listened attentively for several seconds, and concluded
that the noise was made by the breeze blowing through
the bushes near the roadside.

In any event, I continued walking without further

I may go walking again, tonight. It's quite dark, but
the sky is clear, with a canopy of stars from horizon
to horizon.

All the best to you,

24 October 2010

Walking in the October Moonlight

Just back from a moonlight walk on the road by my place.
So much beauty tonight! Leaves rustle with wind moving
in and around poplar, maple, and oak trees. Breezes
sing in pine, spruce, and balsam fir. I witnessed the
peek-a-boo moments of grandmother moon, as clouds drifted
past her.

Even porcupine is out and about, and crossed my path.

Oh yes, nature blesses those who walk tonight and in this
moon period.


19 October 2010

Back Again...Moonlight Walking

Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm back again, and hope to begin posting on a
regular schedule. I'm sorry for neglecting the blog,
but hope to do better in the future.

I'm enjoying the October moon, and plan to resume my
moonlight walks tomorrow evening. As we move further
into the autumn season, the days and nights are
growing cooler, but very refreshing. Actually, the
autumn weather and temperatures are very conducive
to walking and hiking.

So, I will go for now, but will be back in a few
days with another post.

All the best,

02 August 2010

Natural Healing and Wellness Through Harmony With Nature

There are many things we can do to take
responsibility for our health and wellness. A
couple of things immediately come to mind - diet
and exercise. In paying closer attention to what
we eat and drink, and our exercise regimen, we
empower ourselves. In other words, we make
choices and perform actions that directly affect
our well-being.

Cultivate a sense of harmony with nature. This is
an excellent way to promote the natural balance of
the body, mind, and spirit. Take walks in natural
settings, if possible. Make this part of your exercise

Walk in areas where your feet make contact with
the earth. In this way, you are more apt to receive
beneficial earth currents, and, besides, walking
on earth and sod is less shocking to the feet and
legs, than walking on concrete and paved areas.
When you walk on hard surfaces for long periods
of time, you place excessive stress on your feet.
Running on concrete sidewalk or pavement is
especially stressful, and increases shock and
wear on the hips, legs, feet, and joints.

As you walk along, focus on your steps and the
impressions of your feet as they make contact
with the earth, over and over again. Then,
continuing to walk, imagine yourself gaining a
deep harmony with Mother Earth. I say, "imagine,"
because, while some people are able to sense
and feel this earth connection, it is difficult for
others to do so. But, the power of imagination
can be of assistance in this regard.

In time, the imagination will tend to create a
sense of harmony in your mind. It is a harmony
that you would not experience, otherwise. Then,
as you continue your walks and your interaction
with nature and the natural landscape, you will
eventually experience a mental peace and
harmony without the aid of your imagination.

This indicates progress on a couple of levels.
First, that you have conditioned your objective
consciousness to respond to your walks in nature
and the natural environment, with a sense of
well-being and harmony. As well, it indicates that
on deeper, subjective levels, you have achieved
a connectedness and sense of harmony with
the earth, and with nature generally. Those are
positive things that will benefit your overall health.

When cultivating wellness in the above fashion,
it is important to enjoy yourself, and not to
proceed simply from a feeling of duty and
obligation. You should approach your activities
from a perspective of joy. Proceed from that
perspective and great benefits will result in your

Good medicine always!

Note: This article appeared in an issue of my
Natural Healing Talk newsletter. You can find
the subscription form to the left of this article.

21 June 2010

Summer Solstice 2010

Happy Summer Solstice Greetings to everyone
here in the Northern Hemisphere!

May the Great Spirit bless your life, and
the lives of all your relations.

Good medicine always!

p.s. I will be back, soon, with another
post. I will do my best to post often, over
the summer months.

22 April 2010

Have you heard the chant of Mother Earth?

Have you heard the chant of Mother Earth
As she whirls through space?

The sound she has made since her creation.
The music of the spheres.

Musica universalis....

On this Earth Day, let us love our beautiful home.

Let us do one thing for her, as a gift of appreciation.

Let us meditate and attune to Mother Earth,
As she sings with all creation....

musica universalis!


12 April 2010

How to Control Stress the Natural Way

Hi Everyone,

Well, I spent part of the weekend completing the
update of my report, "How to Control Stress". If
you aren't familiar with the report, let me just
say that it's a natural approach to the control
of stress. More specifically, I give three nature
therapy exercises that you can use to help aid in
reducing the stress in your life.

You'll find the link on the left side panel, to the
left of this post, under "Notices!". But, heck, you
don't have to go there. Just click HERE.

I've been pleased with the distribution of the
original report. I think it's been downloaded
several thousand times since its release in 2006.
I hope you enjoy the latest version.

I'll be back shortly with another post.

All the best,

19 March 2010

Do Orbs Like Molasses Cookies Or Were They Just Visiting? :)

Hi Everyone,

This year, over the Christmas Holidays, I
decided to prepare and bake old-fashioned
molasses cookies. Now, the recipe has been
in my family for at least 100 years, and,
believe me, the cookies are very tasty!

However, the main reason for making this
post, is to show you a digital photo taken
by a friend during that wild molasses cookie
mixing and baking scene.

There are a number of orbs in the photo, as
you will see from close examination. Hence,
the title of this post. :) So, do orbs
like molasses cookies, or were they just

28 February 2010

Spring Dreams of Kayaking

As spring approaches, I am dreaming of new
kayaking adventures in Mahone Bay Harbour,
and in and around the islands on Minamkeak

Last spring began in a promising way, as I put
my kayak in the water early, and had planned
to kayak often prior to blackfly season. But then,
circumstances changed, and I was unable to
kayak for a variety of reasons. I simply failed
to get my act together.

In any event, as spring approaches, I am once
again excited and enthusiastic, and hope for
many enjoyable outings on the water. When I
kayak or canoe about the islands in Minamkeak
Lake, I am always enchanted by the interesting
rock formations, and by the diversity of plants
on the islands and along the shoreline.

Let's celebrate the approach of spring!

All the best,

01 February 2010

Natural Healing Talk Newsletter Excerpt, January 31, 2010 Issue

I'm pleased to post an excerpt from my Natural
Healing Talk newsletter. if you are interested
in subscribing, complete the subscription box
on the left side or side of this page. Thanks!

Now, here's the "General Comments" section
of the newsletter:

Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm writing this newsletter on a cold,
full moon evening, here in Nova Scotia. We're
in our first major cold spell of the winter!
However, later this evening, I plan to bundle
myself in warm clothing, and take a moonlight
stroll along the old gravel road that passes
near my home.

There is a special feeling when walking on a
moonlight night. It's very soothing and healing
to body, mind, and spirit. I like to call it
moonlight consciousness.

Moving along, almost every week there seems
to be more information about the benefits of
vitamin D for our health, especially D3. The
latest news I've read, is that a lack of D3 may
result in an increased risk of various Central
Nervous System disorders, including multiple
sclerosis, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's disease.
As well, some medical researchers state that
sufficient levels of D3, helps to ensure the
normal development and functioning of the
central nervous system.

Here are several links for your examination:

Iodine Supplements: The Four Best Kinds to Use

10 Foods That Detox The Body

Is Your Medication Raising Your Cholesterol?

Also, here's a recipe for Black Bean Soup.

Finally, I will soon have an announcement about
a new 9 month program I'm developing, that may
interest you. At the moment, it's still a secret! :)

Best regards,

12 January 2010

A Beautiful, Sunny, January Day!

Although it's rather cool, today, the sun
feels warm in sheltered areas. This morning
I went outside, sat on a chair, and enjoyed
my hot coffee. The sun bathed me in its
beautiful rays, as I sipped my coffee. I
was sitting on the south side of the house,
and sheltered from the cool, northwest

So, now, I must go and walk to the balsam
fir grove. I'll be back soon with a post
regarding my walk.

All the best,