17 May 2007

A Windy and Rainy Night


Well, this will be a short post. I really
have to get some sleep. However, I just
had to log in and say that it's windy and
rainy tonight here on the south shore of
Nova Scotia. But, I love it . . . for
sleeping, that is. :)

I've always enjoyed listening to the rain
while I drift off to sleep. The wind is
nice, too, as long as it doesn't come in
strong or severe gusts!

It's now 2:30 in the morning. I just looked
outside to see if my porcupine was around,
but it must be some place else tonight. It's
a small porcupine and has been tending around
my place for the past year. I often sit and
watch it nibble at the grasses.

Well, I'll be back, shortly. Take care,
everyone, and please check back in a few

All the best!