29 May 2007

My 100th Post!


Guess what! This is my 100th post! Wow! I think
I need a drink of tequila or mescal;) After all,
they do call me "the plant man".

Well, a friend of mine has a new blog called,
Pixieslane. You might enjoy checking it out!
It's nice to see Pixie making the move into the
magical world of blogging.

On another note, I was out walking early this
evening. It was overcast but a nice temperature
for walking. I felt the occasional rain drop, and
a loon was giving a haunting call from far out
on Minamkeak Lake.

In Mi'kmaq legends, the loon is Glooscap's
messenger. Glooscap is a culture hero to the
Mi'kmaq people. In some respects, you could
call him a great warrior and shaman with magical

Best wishes to everyone, and have a good

Bye now,

p.s. Well, I just noticed that the "Archives" of
my blog posts is only crediting me with 98 posts.
The "Blogger Dashboard" gives me 100 posts. I
don't know which is correct? Oh well, let's go
with the higher number:)

26 May 2007

An Early Evening Romance With Mother Nature


This evening, I went walking at dusk, rather
than late at night. For one thing, it was overcast,
so I realized I wouldn't have the full benefit of
the moon, if I waited to go walking later in the

It was delightful. Mother Nature was at her
best, romancing me as I walked contentedly
along the road. Life seemed so simple and
pleasant. Indeed, it was as if I were walking
an old country road in the 1890s or in about
that period.

For the first time in months, I felt like Walt
Whitman, or Ralph Emerson, or some other
follower of the transcendentalist philosophy.
At one point, I was treated to a symphony of
sound, as the forest burst forth with birds of
various song, and frogs peeped joyously at
my passing through their sanctuary.

You might laugh at what I'm about to say, but
having passed through that place, I turned and
went back again, passing through there four
times before continuing on my way.

Later, lightning flashed to the west, thunder
rumbled, and a light sprinkling of rain overtook
me. I didn't care. I just kept walking through it

I think that when I go to bed tonight, I shall lie
there for a spell, and mentally walk through that
sanctuary one more time.

All the best!

23 May 2007

Moonlight Announcements


Well, the temperature's hovering near the freezing
mark, tonight, here in Lunenburg County. I just
returned from a brisk moonlight walk -- it was quite
nice, and I noticed how bright the stars appear in
the cool night atmosphere.

At one point during my walk, I heard twigs cracking
in the bushes, about twenty yards back from the road.
I stopped and listened, carefully. The sounds seemed
to be coming from a small animal, probably a porcupine
or raccoon. Anyhow, I continued on my way, leaving
the animal to its own business. Apparently, it enjoys
the moonlight as much as I do.

I have a few things I'd like to mention, briefly.

I'm planning two new blogs, and a mini website. The
blogs will be quite different from each other. One of
the blogs will be about my efforts to earn cash online.
I'll talk about the things I've tried, the difficulties involved
in this effort, and what I'm currently doing in this regard.

The mini-website will back-up the blog, and will offer
affiliate products.

The other blog will be lots of fun! :) It's going to be a
bit wild, crazy, serious, and humourous, depending on
my mood. I'll talk about everything from my views on life
and romance, to relationships, spiritual awareness, and
writing. I'll also be telling you about the antics of Ol'
Coyote, the trickster, as this is part of my personality.

I cringe when I say those things, because it feels a bit
like opening oneself to public viewing. But, really, that's
what writing is all about. If any of you are serious about
writing, let me just say that this is one thing you have to
think about. How willing are you to expose your feelings,
your attitudes, in your writing? How willing are you to
expose your mistakes in public? Those can be honest
mistakes, or things that you simply over-looked -- even
ridiculous grammatical errors.

Fortunately, I've been writing long enough to have
hardened myself to much of it. Besides, heck, I'm 58,
so what do I have to lose? :)

Oh yes, one final thing. Within the next week, I'll be
adding some fresh updates to my art site. So, plan to
visit it next week, if that interests you. You can find the
link under the "Links" section of this blog.

So long for now. I'll be back, soon.

19 May 2007

A Cool Spring Night

Well, I had planned to go walking tonight, but
the weather is foggy and misty, so I'm home
working at my computer. Periodically, I take
breaks and go to the living room to sit by the
woodstove. The wood fire feels so nice on a
cool spring night.

I think I'll be starting another blog, soon. It's
under wraps at the moment, as I'm not sure I
can handle the extra writing load. However, I'm
leaning towards making the leap -- also, I don't
know whether it'll be with Blogger or Wordpress.
I've heard a lot of good things about the latter,
although I enjoy the ease of Blogger.

I find that I'm focusing much better lately. For
a while, I was all over the place:), but now I'm
focusing more on my own web stuff and things
around the home. Now, if I could only do my
house cleaning:))

Well, so long for now, and watch for the new
blog announcement!

All the best,

17 May 2007

A Windy and Rainy Night


Well, this will be a short post. I really
have to get some sleep. However, I just
had to log in and say that it's windy and
rainy tonight here on the south shore of
Nova Scotia. But, I love it . . . for
sleeping, that is. :)

I've always enjoyed listening to the rain
while I drift off to sleep. The wind is
nice, too, as long as it doesn't come in
strong or severe gusts!

It's now 2:30 in the morning. I just looked
outside to see if my porcupine was around,
but it must be some place else tonight. It's
a small porcupine and has been tending around
my place for the past year. I often sit and
watch it nibble at the grasses.

Well, I'll be back, shortly. Take care,
everyone, and please check back in a few

All the best!

12 May 2007

A Fun Evening in Annapolis Royal


Last Wednesday, I took my "Travelling Medicine Talk"
to Annapolis Royal, for a presentation sponsored by the
Annapolis Field Naturalists. It was a wonderful evening,
and my talk was well received.

It's always nice to make presentations to groups who have
a sincere interest in traditional plant and tree medicines.
That was the case in Annapolis Royal. There were about
fifty people at the event, with lots of interaction and
discussion after the talk.

Actually, I'm currently taking bookings for presentations
over the summer and fall, so if you'd like to organize an
event, please contact me by leaving a comment to this
post, or send me an email from one of my websites.

Well, it's quite late, so off I go for tonight. I'll be back
next week with some postings.

Sweet dreams!

05 May 2007

Self-Improvement Giveaway Event!


This is just a quick post to tell you about a
new "self-improvement" product giveaway event
that is happening at the moment.

I'm taking part in the event, and giving away
a report to anyone who signs up for my newsletter.
The report is called, Dismiss Fear -- Affirm Joy,
With Nature Therapy
. It's based on a chapter from
my book Medicine Walk.

It's an exciting event. If you'd like to check it
out, click on the title to this post, above -- it's
my affiliate link to the event. Sign up and look

My item is listed on page 16, at present. I'm
way back, because I was late in uploading my bonus
report, and I haven't advertised the event. The
more people you encourage to sign up, the closer
your product is listed to the front of the pack.

In any event, I'm having fun, and getting many
new subscribers.

If you're interested, sign in, and have a look
around. There are lots of interesting freebies --
you usually have to sign up to a list to get free
stuff, but you can always quickly unsubscribe,
afterwards. And, I might point out, the products
are listed by people who will truly unsubscribe you
from their lists. So, there are few spam worries, if
any, from the folks at this event.

All the best to everyone!

Laurie :)

p.s. The moon's going to be beautiful later on
tonight. I'll be out walking, that's for sure!

04 May 2007

Walking With An Early May Moon

What a splendid walk I had tonight! I left the
house at approximately 1 o'clock, and went
walking along the old mines road. The clouds
had cleared away, while the moon was fairly high
in the sky, to the south.

As I walked along the road, my gaze wandered
to the north, where I saw a bright shooting star
blaze its way over the sky. It was visible for a
full three seconds, I would say, and perhaps
even four seconds. This was an occasion where
time seemed to slow, giving one the opportunity
to devour every precious second that passed.

And, then, walking into the bright moonlight
as I made my way home, I thought about my
family and friends, and whether anyone was
out and about at that hour of the night?

There were animals about, probably deer and
porcupine, and I heard an owl calling from deep
in the forest to the north of where I walked.
Often, when I walk, the owl calls become louder,
as they work their way towards Minamkeak

I got home feeling quite fresh. I think I could
have kept walking in that moonlight. Perhaps,
even, until daybreak. That would be an awesome
experience! I would stop some place and make
myself breakfast. Perhaps make a pan of bacon
and eggs over an open fire:) Wow! Now there's
a thought . . . .

Good night and sweet dreams, everybody.