29 August 2007

This August Moon . . . .


I went walking these past two evenings, and must
remark on the beauty of the August moon. On both
occasions, the moon was fairly high in the sky
toward the southeast, and, so, lay directly in front
of me as I made my way back home.

At several points along the way, I stopped to look
around, and to examine the landscape. I couldn't
help but notice the clarity of the land in the moonlight.
I could look along the road in both directions, and
notice things almost as clearly as I might have during
the day.

There is one place where the old mines road runs
past a field lined with large sugar maple trees. If you
go there in the late afternoon of a summer day, and
if the sky is clear, you will notice that the trees cast
large shadows over the road and beyond. As you
approach this place, it gives you the impression
that you are walking into a tunnel, so well do the
trees and shadows cover the road.

Tonight, I got the same impression, while walking
there in the moonlight. It felt as if I was approaching
a dark tunnel, although the maple leaves allowed
hints of moonlight to trickle through and dance on
the shadow covered road. Beautiful, indeed!

When I got home, I was in such a wonderful state,
that I felt like remaining outside to soak in the moon's
light. The moon does tend to promote an exalted state
of consciousness -- no wonder it offers so much to
lovers and those of us who are romantics at heart! ;)

Well, I must go now. I still have to post to another
blog tonight.

All the best!