19 August 2007

Canoeing on Minamkeak Lake

Hi Everyone,

Well, early last week, my good friend Jill and I went
canoeing on Minamkeak Lake. It was a beautiful,
hot, sunny morning, as we headed out on the lake.
The water was quite calm, and before long we had
reached the opposite shore, as this was on a fairly
narrow part of the lake.

The reflections along the shore were deep and it
was one of those occasions when it was difficult to
tell them apart from the real objects! Also, I was
enchanted with the large patches of pickerel weed
in the rear of several coves, and, later, with a
beautiful community of water lillies. The appearance
of the water lily is one of the most perfect of all the
flowers, so there is little wonder that it is referred to
as the North American Lotus blossom!

This was the first time I had been in a canoe, in some
two years. I've spent my time kayaking, which I love to
do, but it was certainly good to be in a canoe again. I
love the freedom of personal movement in a canoe --
what I mean is that you aren't enclosed, as you are
in a kayak, and it is so easy to get in and out of a
canoe in order to explore islands or other interesting
parts of a shoreline.

I must go for now. I was going to take a walk this
evening, but the weather's been misty and overcast.
Now, I notice that the sky has cleared. However, I'm
soon off to bed, as I have a plant medicine walk in
the morning.

All the best!