29 August 2007

This August Moon . . . .


I went walking these past two evenings, and must
remark on the beauty of the August moon. On both
occasions, the moon was fairly high in the sky
toward the southeast, and, so, lay directly in front
of me as I made my way back home.

At several points along the way, I stopped to look
around, and to examine the landscape. I couldn't
help but notice the clarity of the land in the moonlight.
I could look along the road in both directions, and
notice things almost as clearly as I might have during
the day.

There is one place where the old mines road runs
past a field lined with large sugar maple trees. If you
go there in the late afternoon of a summer day, and
if the sky is clear, you will notice that the trees cast
large shadows over the road and beyond. As you
approach this place, it gives you the impression
that you are walking into a tunnel, so well do the
trees and shadows cover the road.

Tonight, I got the same impression, while walking
there in the moonlight. It felt as if I was approaching
a dark tunnel, although the maple leaves allowed
hints of moonlight to trickle through and dance on
the shadow covered road. Beautiful, indeed!

When I got home, I was in such a wonderful state,
that I felt like remaining outside to soak in the moon's
light. The moon does tend to promote an exalted state
of consciousness -- no wonder it offers so much to
lovers and those of us who are romantics at heart! ;)

Well, I must go now. I still have to post to another
blog tonight.

All the best!

25 August 2007

Two Nights -- Walking with Moonlight and Romancing the Rain


Well, the past two nights have offered me two very
different experiences. Last evening I went walking
while the moon was still above the treeline. It was
quite nice, especially when I reached areas that
were less shaded, allowing the moonlight to cover
the road where I travelled.

Again, as on so many occasions in the past, the
old mines road transported me back in time. Except
for the powerline poles, I might have been walking
in the late 1890s or early in the 1900s. I felt like
Walt Whitman might have felt, as he walked on old
country roads, contemplating his masterpiece,
Leaves of Grass.

Tonight, I made a tea, and sat in the porch romancing
the rain. It was wonderful to relax, to sip my tea, and
to listen at the rain against the roof overhead, and
the surrounding landscape. The rain can be so
relaxing and peaceful, especially when it falls at night.

I must go now and get some sleep. It's past 4 o'clock
in the morning!

Have a good weekend, everybody.

All the best,

19 August 2007

Canoeing on Minamkeak Lake

Hi Everyone,

Well, early last week, my good friend Jill and I went
canoeing on Minamkeak Lake. It was a beautiful,
hot, sunny morning, as we headed out on the lake.
The water was quite calm, and before long we had
reached the opposite shore, as this was on a fairly
narrow part of the lake.

The reflections along the shore were deep and it
was one of those occasions when it was difficult to
tell them apart from the real objects! Also, I was
enchanted with the large patches of pickerel weed
in the rear of several coves, and, later, with a
beautiful community of water lillies. The appearance
of the water lily is one of the most perfect of all the
flowers, so there is little wonder that it is referred to
as the North American Lotus blossom!

This was the first time I had been in a canoe, in some
two years. I've spent my time kayaking, which I love to
do, but it was certainly good to be in a canoe again. I
love the freedom of personal movement in a canoe --
what I mean is that you aren't enclosed, as you are
in a kayak, and it is so easy to get in and out of a
canoe in order to explore islands or other interesting
parts of a shoreline.

I must go for now. I was going to take a walk this
evening, but the weather's been misty and overcast.
Now, I notice that the sky has cleared. However, I'm
soon off to bed, as I have a plant medicine walk in
the morning.

All the best!

14 August 2007

The Persieds Meteor Shower and Other Things


We're having a dark, rainy, overcast night, here on
the south shore of Nova Scotia. I was hoping to go
outside to watch for meteors, again tonight. I went
outside last night and scanned the sky mainly to the
north and northeast. I was able to see six of them
shooting across the sky, at a ratio of one every four
or five minutes of viewing time.

I saw one meteor to the east, and caught the final
moments of a very bright shooting star or meteor
moving in the western sky. It made a bright flash
which I noticed with the peripheral vision of my left
eye. I quickly glanced to the left and caught the bright
streak of light it left in the sky. Beautiful!

So, because of the overcast sky and threat of rain,
I decided to stay inside tonight, rather than take one
of my sojourns along the old mining road. Just as well,
as I've got lots to do inside, and, besides, I've a
date for canoeing tomorrow morning with an old friend.
She's supposed to call me at 7 o'clock to tell me
when she's arriving at Minamkeak Lake.

I'll be driving some 8 to 12 km to the head of the
lake, where we'll meet for the outing. It'll be nice to
get back into a canoe again, as I've been using only
a kayak for the past couple of years. Also, I don't
get out on that part of the lake very often, so it'll be
an interesting morning.

Now, all I have to do is make sure I'm up and about
at an early hour! :) I'm not generally an early riser,
although I appreciate the beauty of the early morning.
It's just that I enjoy my late nights, and it's impossible
to burn the proverbial candle at both ends, as we all

I must go and make a tea. Perhaps I can be in bed
by 2 o'clock -- that's still early for me:)

All the best!

09 August 2007

Romancing the Elements

Hi Everyone,

We had quite a storm last night on the south shore of
Nova Scotia. There was thunder and lightning, heavy
rain, and high winds. By this morning, things had
subsided except for the strong wind. I would have
liked to visit the ocean early this morning, to witness
the large waves that must have been coming ashore.

I went outside last night, after the rain had stopped, to
feel the wind and the deep darkness that shrouded the
landscape. It was awe inspiring -- I almost went walking
but remembered the many water puddles that were in
the road. So, I retired back inside, and was content to
drink my tea on the porch, while listening to the elements
all about me. In other words, I simply romanced the
elements, and enjoyed my tea. :)

Well, I'm off now. I plan to drive into town this afternoon,
do a few chores, and then visit the Biscuit Eater in Mahone
Bay. The Biscuit Eater is a delightful Cafe' and Book
Shop, where you can eat, enjoy good coffee and have
interesting conversations. It's on Orchard Street, so if
you ever visit Mahone Bay, stop in there for a visit.

All the best!

p.s. By the way, I'm not associated with the Biscuit Eater,
so I don't personally benefit from giving them this little
promotional note. It's just that I like telling people about
the place -- besides, it 's a good place to hang out! :)

04 August 2007

Early Morning Walk


Yes, I went for a walk this morning along the old
mines road, but in the direction opposite to what
I normally take, nights. It was a beautiful morning
for walking, as the air was cool, the birds were
singing, and the sun would occasionally peek out
from behind the cloud cover.

Along the way, I noticed a porcupine out on my
field, munching away at some grasses, and there
was a small woodpecker in off the road by about
thirty yards searching for grubs on an old dry pine

Later, as I passed by a swamp, I noticed how much
of it was protected and covered by large branches
of trees that reach out over the swampy area.
Peeking in through the branches, I saw how the
swamp lay still and protected in a heavy cover of
shade. This reminded me of small swamps and
bogs I have seen in the deep south, in places like
Mississippi and Louisiana.

I had a nice morning walk. It was a pleasant contrast
to the walks I normally take in the evening or late
at night.

All the best!

02 August 2007

Another Late Night Walk


Well, the moon is quite lovely tonight. It's 2:05
in the morning, and I just returned from a brisk
walk along the old mines road.

I walked at a good pace, tonight. The temperature's
cooled down quite significantly, from the hot day
we just experienced. It was beyond +30 C., and is
supposed to remain hot for the next several days.
I'm happy that it cools down at night!

The landscape was still tonight -- everything was
asleep, I guess:) I didn't even see a porcupine
earlier this evening, or during my walk. I often
hear loons calling on the lake, or the call of an
owl from deep in the forest. But tonight, nothing.

I'm sorry for the brief post, but it is late, and
I have to get some sleep.

All the best!


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