31 March 2008

The Early Spring is Like A Winter Wonderland!

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's pretty magical around my place. We've
had a late winter/early spring snowstorm. :)

As the snow accumulated, I felt like I was living
in a fairy tale. So, I grabbed my camera and went
walking. The large, wet snowflakes, quickly covered
the trees and buildings, and other objects in the

I noticed small birds snuggled in my cedar bushes.
They were cozy and warm as the bushes were smothered
in a blanket of snow.

Enjoy the photos!

All the best,

A Scene Looking Across My Field.

My Home In A Fairy Tale Setting.

Walking The Old Mines Road On A Snowy

A Magical Swamp Covered In Snow.

A Second Picture Of The Magical Swamp.

18 March 2008

A Cool, Windy, Moonlight Night in Nova Scotia

I went walking at about 11:45 tonight, and what a
terrific walk it was!

The sky was largely clear, except for fast moving
clouds that would, on occasion, block out the light
of the moon until, moments later, when it would
again burst forth from those clouds, lighting up the
road and surrounding landscape.

The temperature was a cool -4 Celsius, with a
wind chill factor of about -12, I would estimate. It
was cold for the middle of March, and I noticed that
puddles of water were frozen solid on the road.

There were heavy gusts of wind from the northwest.
I had walked into this wind, and now had it on my
back, as I returned home. However, approaching
my home, there came a gust that was frightening!
I heard it approaching from the northwest, and it
continued to build in strength until the trees were
making loud sounds all about me.

As luck would have it, I was near the lilac bush and
stonewall that separates my property from the
gravel road. I took refuge behind the stonewall and
bush, and felt protected there. The gust was quite
powerful, but soon passed.

What a great way to take in the energy of the natural
environment! I still feel invigorated as I write this blog
post. This is a wonderful moon -- try to go outside
and enjoy it.

All the best,

10 March 2008

Romancing the Rain

HI Everyone,

You, know, I find rainy nights enjoyable, partly
because I live in the country, close to the elements,
and can easily hear the rain against my roof, and
the wind blowing through the forest and over the
field near my home.

There are two things I enjoy most about a rainy
night -- first, to sit in the porch with a cup of tea,
listening to rain and wind, against roof, skylight,
and windows. The other thing I enjoy about a
rainy night, is to lie in bed and fall asleep, as the
rain hits against my roof and windows. This is a
wonderful way to float off into dreamland and a
peaceful night's sleep.

When I sit in my porch, I enjoy sipping my tea and
romancing the rain. I enjoy the relaxed state and
become as one with the rain, on an emotional,
subjective level. As I recall, I mentioned this idea
of "romancing the rain," in a post I made at some
point last year. I'm afraid I haven't made an attempt
to find it in the blog's "archives," so the reference
to that post will have to wait for another day.

In any event, try it some time. Sit and relax, where
you can hear the rain, and try to become absorbed
in the sounds it makes, and, too, in the wind that
often accompanies the rain. In this way, it's possible
to experience a closeness to nature and the
environment, that might otherwise escape you.

Good medicine always!
Laurie :)

02 March 2008

Snowshoe and Fox Prints, Fire and Ice on Minamkeak Lake


Last evening, as the sun neared the horizon,
I walked the icey shoreline of Minamkeak Lake.
I saw the prints of snowshoe tracks frozen in
the ice. I also saw fox tracks there on the lake.

The fox had travelled towards a cove, perhaps
a week earlier. Those tracks were also frozen,
with small knobs of ice protruding above the
smooth, flat surface of Minamkeak.

I built a fire on the ice, with dry sticks of wood
that I found nearby. Then, I fried a few strips
of bacon for old time's sake. The bacon
sandwich tasted delicious along with a cup of
tea from black spruce twigs.

I plan to go there on the evening of March 4th,
to celebrate my birthday. Again, I'll build a small
fire, have a cup of tea, and watch the sunset.
Now, that's a good birthday present! :)

All the best,