08 April 2007

Easter Thoughts and a Snowstorm

Hi Everyone,

Well, this is pretty wild -- we're having a
major snowstorm on Easter eve. I suppose
close to 30 cms has fallen so far. For those
of you who aren't familiar with metric, that's
12 inches of snow.

This is the first Easter snowstorm that's
happened in my life time, at least here on
the south shore of Nova Scotia.

I think the wind's coming up, also.

I was driving in it earlier this evening. I
seem to be out driving in every snowstorm that
comes along. In fact, you might say I'm a
master of winter driving:)

But, now, I'm snug inside my home. I love it!
I feel like an animal curled away in its warm
den, while the winter storm rages outside. In
fact, at the moment, I'm sipping a cup of hot
black tea, while listening to the storm against
my windows.

I plan to sleep where I can hear the storm.
I've thrown two comforters on a sofa in the
living room -- when I'm tired, I'll go in on
the sofa and let the storm lull me to sleep.

A lovely way to prepare for Easter morning,
don't you think? :)

In the morning, I'll enjoy eggs, pickles, and
old fashioned home-smoked ham! Yummy!

Well, I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful
Easter! It's a delight to do this blog and to
have all of you as an audience. Thanks!
The web is truly a wonderful place for the
communication of thoughts and ideas. It's
a liberating experience for writers!

All the best!