27 February 2007

A Moonlight Night and the Approach of Spring


I left at 11:30 tonight and went walking along the
old mines road. The temperature was a frosty -3
degrees -- just right for walking. The thin ice that
covered a portion of the road snapped and cracked
under my feet, as I walked along the road.

Even though it was frosty, I could sense the early
evidence of approaching spring! There were subtle
things like the colour of exposed road surface that
had thawed during the day and was now freshly
frozen again. It has a dark colour that long term
frozen ground doesn't have.

Then, there was a feeling in the air, and a slight
change in the contrast of objects that is different
from early or mid-winter moonlight nights. It's fun
to be aware and to observe such things. It makes
this time of year quite wonderful!

Have a good night . . . it's time that I get some

Good medicine always,