21 February 2007

I Went Skating on the Lake

Yes, I went skating last Monday for the second
time this winter! It was quite nice. The temperature
was a comfortable -3 Celsuis.

The ice was fairly smooth, although there were
lots of rough areas, including small cracks in
the surface that I had to avoid. Those small
cracks in the ice can send you for a nasty

I remember going skating one day many years
ago, and having a grand ol' time speeding along
the ice until I got a blade in one of those cracks.
Well, I went flying head-long through the air for
what seemed like an eternity . . . . I finally landed
on the ice, and went sliding along for another
fifteen feet or so, before coming to a stop and
laughing myself silly:)) Talk about a spill!

Fearlessness is the key to skating and having a
good time on the ice. Once you start to fear the
ice, and fear falling, you've had it! You might as
well pack your bags and head for the bar . . . or,
the coffee/tea shop:)

Anyhow, the skating adventure on Monday was a
lot of fun -- I fell once, when I attempted to skate
backwards. Darn it, I hit a rough section of ice:)

Well, so long for this time. I'll be back soon with
another post.

All the best,

p.s. I hope you like the clock that I placed on the
blog. Now, you'll be able to compare Nova Scotia
time with your time, wherever you are in the world.