05 October 2012

The Natural Healing Talk Newsletter, 30 September 2012

Natural Healing Talk
30 September 2012, Vol., 7, #8
Published by Laurie Lacey

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Hi Everyone, Greetings!
I'm pleased to be back with another issue of the

Looking back over the past summer, one of the most
satisfying things of note, were the abundance of bees
and hummingbirds that tended our gardens. It is so
wonderful to watch the bees crawling over the thyme,
and to observe the hummingbirds frequenting the
morning glory and various flower beds.

In this issue, I've decided to talk about art, natural
healing and the outdoor experience.

When I began painting in a serious fashion, back in
the 1980s, I would often pack a lunch and go off to
paint at one of the many scenic locations near where
I live. In fact, that first year I did a total of 154 paintings,
of which approximately 50 were painted on location.

I would often remark to myself and others, about the
special nature of painting on location, and how that
"special" factor, if you like, is somehow translated into
the painting. For instance, when I look at a landscape
painting, I can frequently tell whether it was done in the
studio or out on location.

On one occasion, I remember packing my paints and
lunch, and canoeing over the lake to a group of islands.
I decided to paint near an island that has a variety of
weather-beaten pine trees, of various shapes and
sizes, all clinging to life on the rocky landscape.

The outing was wonderful! I painted a representation
of rocks, trees, and water. During the excursion, I took
several breaks to relax in the warm sun and beauty of
the summer day. It was a personal, natural healing
and wellness experience.

So, I want to emphasize several points:

1. Nature and art combine very well in creating a
wonderful therapeutic experience. You can experience
the benefits of nature and art with a sketch book and
a pencil.

2. You don't need the aid of a professional therapist
to incorporate nature therapy into a wellness routine.

3. A nature and art experience can benefit children,
adults, and those with special needs, or persons who
are suffering from some form of addiction.

I encourage you to enjoy the natural world, while also
expressing your artistic skills. And, please, don't say
that you lack artistic skill! We all are artists, in the
sense that we express ourselves in unique, creative

In my case, I plan to paint on location in the coming
year, like I used to do.


"There is something beautiful about all scars of
 whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over,
 the wound is closed and healed, done with."

      ~ Harry Crews ~

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Good medicine always,

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09 November 2011

I'm Back Blogging With the November Moon

Well, it's good to be back with another blog post; in fact,
this is the first post in quite a while. I even debated whether
to continue with the blog, as I hadn't written any posts for
so long. In the end, I got sentimental, and figured I should
give it another effort. Who knows, I might catch fire, and
write posts regularly.

Perhaps the moon is the reason I'm continuing with the blog.
I've taken walks in the moonlight on three of the past five
nights. It inspires me! This is the effect of moonlight
consciousness. So, why not write about it.

It seems that I always find myself stopping by a particular
field, to admire the beauty of moonlight on grass, of dark
shadows, and the sound of lake water in the background. On
occasion, the atmosphere is such that I feel I've moved back
in time, and half expect to feel a lantern in my hand, or to
hear a horse with wagon approach along the old road.

As I type this post, I realize that I am still high with moon
energy, and that its light is dancing in my body. Flashes of
transcendental light, bits of cosmic energy, and food for
moon dreams as I sleep through the night.

Sweet dreams....


12 November 2010

Celebrating the Writer and Reader With the Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Hi Everyone,

Yes, ebook reading devices such as the Kindle Wireless
Reading Device, and online self publishers such as Amazon's
CreateSpace, have, to some extent, liberated the writer
from the whims of traditional publishers, their editors,
and their publishing decisions.

Online publishing has opened the world to the consumer of
literature, as well. I think it's great for everyone concerned,
both readers and writers.

As a writer, I have more choices now. I still will be involved
with traditional offline publishers, but I will also explore
online self-publishing. They both represent great potential
for my writing career.

If you are interested in having more information on the Kindle
Reader, and on free Kindle reading applications, check out my
links, below.

Thanks, and happy reading and writing!

All the best,

01 November 2010

Halloween Walk

Hi Everyone,

Well, last evening I went for a Halloween walk. It was
dark and somewhat overcast on the south shore of Nova
Scotia, which gave the evening a spooky atmosphere. I
must say, it made for an excellent Halloween.

My walk was brisk and uneventful, except for one moment
when I thought I heard something rustling in the bushes.
I listened attentively for several seconds, and concluded
that the noise was made by the breeze blowing through
the bushes near the roadside.

In any event, I continued walking without further

I may go walking again, tonight. It's quite dark, but
the sky is clear, with a canopy of stars from horizon
to horizon.

All the best to you,

24 October 2010

Walking in the October Moonlight

Just back from a moonlight walk on the road by my place.
So much beauty tonight! Leaves rustle with wind moving
in and around poplar, maple, and oak trees. Breezes
sing in pine, spruce, and balsam fir. I witnessed the
peek-a-boo moments of grandmother moon, as clouds drifted
past her.

Even porcupine is out and about, and crossed my path.

Oh yes, nature blesses those who walk tonight and in this
moon period.


19 October 2010

Back Again...Moonlight Walking

Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm back again, and hope to begin posting on a
regular schedule. I'm sorry for neglecting the blog,
but hope to do better in the future.

I'm enjoying the October moon, and plan to resume my
moonlight walks tomorrow evening. As we move further
into the autumn season, the days and nights are
growing cooler, but very refreshing. Actually, the
autumn weather and temperatures are very conducive
to walking and hiking.

So, I will go for now, but will be back in a few
days with another post.

All the best,