11 June 2007

Mostly About My Newsletter


I'm just stopping around to make a few
comments tonight. I had intended to go
walking, but the rain continues here on
the south shore of Nova Scotia.

I spent part of today working on the next
issue of the Natural Healing Talk ezine.
I felt terrible at having to end the old
mailing list. However, I just couldn't
continue the torture of mailing out the
newsletter from my computer with a dial-up
connection. Simply torturous! I was never
certain whether they were all delivered,
as there were occasions when I would
disconnect during the delivery process.

So, if anyone reading this blog post,
received a special notice with your last
newsletter concerning the old mailing list,
it means you are on that list. It would
be great if you'd surf on over to the
Natural Healing Talk website and
subscribe to the new list. I've had some
subscribers move over already, and that's
great! It's double opt-in, so you'll receive
an email notice asking you to confirm
your subscription. I have to do this to
comply with anti-spam regulations.

Anyhow, now I must go and have a cup of
tea. I'll return, soon, with another post.

All the best,


Kelly said...

Hi Laurie I wasn't sure if I switched over to your new mailing list or not so I did it this time if I'm on there twice get rid of one of them. I hope you understand this it sounded good in my head.:)
Luv Kelly