25 November 2006

A Short Story Note

Hi Everyone,

It's a beautiful morning here on the shore
shore of Nova Scotia. There was a heavy
frost last night, and, now, as I gaze out my
window, the sunshine is having a beautiful
sparkling effect on top of that frost! The
temperature is just slightly above freezing
at this point, and should climb a bit as the
morning passes.

Recently, I compiled a short story collection,
called, Old Ponies and Medicine Tales. While
the collection still needs some editing, I've
decided to post a story on my blog. It'll begin
with my next post, and continue for several

I haven't quite decided which story to post on
the blog, but am leaning toward the one entitled,
"The Flight of Jim Charles". It's my re-write of
a story by Albert Bigelow Paine, published in
1906, and set in Nova Scotia.

I'll begin next time with a brief introduction to
Jim Charles, and Part I of the story.

All the best!

19 November 2006

Meteorite Shower


I went outside at about 12:45 tonight to view
the meteorite shower. Unfortunately, it was
partly overcast, although I doubt whether it
would have been much of a show, anyhow.

In fact, I didn't spot a single meteorite:(

Potentially, it was supposed to be quite a
show for parts of the New England States. I'm
curious to know whether this was the case. I
was hoping that Nova Scotia would get part of
the show:) However, if my experience was any
indication, I would say it was a flop.

I can understand that it must be very dificult
to predict the intensity of a meteorite shower
ahead of time.

Oh well, I did have a visit from a porcupine,
while I was watching for meteorites. I heard
a noise and noticed it crawling behind my oil
drum. It's a young porcupine and has been in
the area for the past couple of months. Indeed,
it's the same critter I almost stepped on a
few weeks back, as I was leaving the house to
take a night time walk.

Well, I must go for now. My best regards to


11 November 2006

Sounds in the Night . . . .


Well, I had an interesting walk this evening. And,
I must admit, things got a bit tense for several

You see, I was walking along the old mines road,
when I heard rustling sounds in the bushes off to
my left and about fifteen yards ahead of me.

I stopped. Waited. Listened intently for the sounds
to occur again. Sure enough, I heard a small branch
break in an area where there are a number of dry,
fallen spruce trees.

I crept forward, until I figured I was in a good position,
and cast my light in amongst the bushes and trees
(I usually carry a small flashlight with me when I
walk at night.). I couldn't see anything, although,
for am instance, I though I saw eyes flashing in the

I wish I could report that I solved this little mystery.
I waited. Listened. But everything was quiet, except
for a slight breeze that was cool and refreshing.

I continued my walk, and arrived back home about
forty minutes later. I walked slowly past that place
on my return, but, again, heard nothing.

Well, it's now approaching the midnight hour, so I
must post this note and make myself a cup of tea.

Bye now,

05 November 2006

The Moonlight's Almost Like Daylight, Tonight!


Well, I stepped outside my door at about 1 o'clock
tonight, and almost stepped on a porcupine! He
was sitting near the doorstep munching on some
frosty grass. The little fella quickly scurried away
and sat on the cellar entrance to my home, watching
as I walked down the driveway.

The moon is very bright tonight and almost like
the daylight. I feel like writing a short story about a
world where people function in moonlight much the
same way as we function in sunlight. A story about
a world where there is just moonlight and/or total

I imagine the story would be quite interesting, although
I don't have a clue at this point about plot, theme,
characters, or, much about the setting, for that matter.
Just a thought, really.

Well, I must go now, and get some rest. I was up until
4:45 on Friday night, trying to bring my Wild World
of Plants site back online. I changed hosting for the
site, and now have it hosted by HostGator, on a "Baby
Gator" account:)) However, in the process, I mis-placed
some files, and messed up some directories, to the
point where I was getting 404 pages and other problems,
including images not loading. Now, things are pretty
much back to normal, although my newsletter subscribe
boxes are not working:( Tomorrow, I'm going to have
to place new forms/boxes on the site.

All the best,