19 June 2007

The Leipsigaek Gold Fields

On occasion, I'll take a trip into the Leipsigaek Gold
Fields. It's a magical place, where many things are
possible. I have deep roots in that place. My grandfather,
John Lacey, who was a prospector, travelled that country
a hundred years ago -- I found a rock alone the shore of
Leipsigaek Lake, with his named carved in it.

My grandfather discovered the famous Rose Lead, which
no one else has located to this day. Later, my uncle Harold,
and my father, Borden Lacey, travelled that country, as
hunters and trappers. They were also prospectors, and
worked in the gold mining operations that once existed

So, my family has deep roots in the gold fields, and I have
made a conscious effort to foster those roots.

Soon, I will visit that country, again. I will pack a lunch,
and place it in my knapsack, along with a bottle of cold
water. Then, I'll go there, without a watch or a time of return.
The day will be mine, and perhaps the night, as well. It's
been years since I've spent the night in the gold fields.

Well, I felt like reminiscing today, and thinking about
my roots. It's wonderful how the landscape and other
characteristics of an area, can help to shape who we
are as individuals.

Bye now,


kelly said...

Hi Laurie,

I think it's great to remember where we come from it keeps us rooted and it also reminds us how lucky we have it.

Laurie said...

Hi Kelly,

Yes, it sure does. The gold fields
certainly does that for me!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

is the name lacey mines road located in gold river gold district a connection to you family name?

Laurie said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, it is a connection to my family name. In fact, it's named after my grandfather, John Lacey, who discovered gold and staked his claim there.

Thanks for your interest.