22 December 2008

5 Daily Practices to Help You Live in the Moment

Each day, many people are struck with feelings of anxiety,
worry, guilt, and fear; these are all related to the way
in which we approach the world. If we cannot get past what
is lurking in our minds, how will we ever be able to move
forward in a positive manner with our lives? What follows
is a list of some things you can do every day in your life that
will help you live happily in the moment.

Be Here, Now

While quantum physics may suggest otherwise, there is no
physical way for you to be in two places at once. Stop
reliving the low points of your life or anticipating the
coming day with worry. Open your eyes, your ears, and your
heart so that you can live in total awareness each day.
There is no reason to burden yourself with the problems of
the past or the uncertainties of the future. The only time
you truly have is now, so spend it wisely.

Stay Curious

As children, we lived in the moment and were deeply curious
about the world around us. Next time you are outside, try
looking at everything with a sense of curiosity. As the leaves
fall from the trees or the rain begins to drip on your front
porch, consider whence this all came. Curiosity in the
present moment helps to recapture that childlike innocence
we all once possessed.

Breathe Deeply

Monitor your breathing, especially when things feel like
they’re getting out of control. Try taking your breath in
through your nose and exhale through your mouth for twice
as long — as long as it’s comfortable. Simply saying, “in”
to yourself as you breathe in and “out” as you breathe out
can be very effective and calming. This activity returns
you to the present moment and helps you be aware of that

Practice Mindful Living

All of the things stated before lead up to this practice. To
live mindfully, you must reside in the present moment. Don’t
get caught up in things that are outside of your control.
Instead, do everything you can to ensure that you are living
fully and intentionally in all areas of your life, from taking
a walk to washing the dishes. Relish in the present moment;
own the present moment and you are living mindfully.

Be Compassionate

Life is full of suffering; this is a fact that all Buddhists
are aware of. Don’t let your problems become more important
than caring for all sentient beings. Have compassion for your
fellow beings in this world, and know that there is something
that can be done every day to help better this world. Use your
curiosity to find a way.

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