24 October 2010

Walking in the October Moonlight

Just back from a moonlight walk on the road by my place.
So much beauty tonight! Leaves rustle with wind moving
in and around poplar, maple, and oak trees. Breezes
sing in pine, spruce, and balsam fir. I witnessed the
peek-a-boo moments of grandmother moon, as clouds drifted
past her.

Even porcupine is out and about, and crossed my path.

Oh yes, nature blesses those who walk tonight and in this
moon period.


19 October 2010

Back Again...Moonlight Walking

Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm back again, and hope to begin posting on a
regular schedule. I'm sorry for neglecting the blog,
but hope to do better in the future.

I'm enjoying the October moon, and plan to resume my
moonlight walks tomorrow evening. As we move further
into the autumn season, the days and nights are
growing cooler, but very refreshing. Actually, the
autumn weather and temperatures are very conducive
to walking and hiking.

So, I will go for now, but will be back in a few
days with another post.

All the best,