05 June 2007

Rain, Wind and Romance


It's a wild night here on the south shore
of Nova Scotia. I wanted to go walking, but
that's out of the question, especially when
the gusts of wind and rain arrive in all
their fury.

So, instead, I made myself a cup of tea and
went into the porch where I could hear the
full effects of the storm. As I sipped my tea
and closed my eyes to focus on the elements,
my mind was carried to the tall pine trees
across the field. I heard the wind playing
through pine needles, and felt the rain
against my face, until I returned, suddenly,
to my seat in the porch, as a gust of wind
rattled the screen door.

So, I sat there, sipping tea and listening to
the rain . . . romancing the rain, I should
say:) I've called this activity romancing
the rain since last year. It's a delightful
way to spend part of a Monday evening. Well,
it really isn't evening any longer, although
my evenings tend to carry on rather late:)

Do you like the title to this post? I think
it's rather catchy;) I hope you weren't
expecting a romantic short story. My apology.

In any event, I must leave now, make myself
a second cup of tea, and return to the
romance. The rain's calling . . . she's so

Until next time,


Pixie said...

Hello Laurie,

I think we got a very romantic story:) We simply replace the tall pine tree, with a tall stranger.

The wind playing through her hair, and the rain on your face...well we will leave that to the imagination!

Great romantic post,

Kelly said...

Hi Laurie ,

A quick comment. It was a really nice post and I loved the title. You have a great play with words.


Laurie said...


Thanks for the comments. I'm glad you like the title, Kelly. And, yes, Pixie, that's right, it would be perfectly fine to replace the tall pine tree with a tall stranger.:)

Bye now,

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,

I believe there would be many folks interested in reading this romantic short story you are secretly working at. The title, by the way is very suggestive.

Laurie said...


Thanks for the comments.

Yes, I suppose the title is quite suggestive, isn't it. I'm glad you like it.

Bye now,