18 September 2007

Moonlight Over Minamkeak Lake

Hi Everyone,

I went walking tonight under the light of the waxing
September moon. It was a beautiful walk, although
the evening is quite chilly.

On the way home, I walked down to Minamkeak Lake.
The scene was remarkable. I wish you could have
witnessed how the bright moonlight glimmered from
the dark waters of the lake. Such beauty!

When I got home, I made myself a cup of black tea.
I sat sipping it, and contemplating that lake scene.
I think only one thing could have added to its
enchantment, and that would have been the call of
a loon from somewhere over the water. That would
have been possible, since, apparently, Minamkeak
Lake has five pairs of loons on it this summer.

I've heard two pairs of loons calling, and, possibly,
a third pair.

I'll be back, soon. See you then!

All the best,


skyehigh said...

What kind of black tea do you enjoy? I usually drink green tea, since I do not care for very strong tea. If it is late in the evening I will have a cup of caffeine free rooibos also known as red tea.

Laurie said...


I'm sorry for negecting to reply to your post.

I grew up in Nova Scotia, and got used to drinking black tea. I usually drink King Cole or Morses black tea. I do like other kinds of teas, such as green tea.

i haven't tried rooibus, but must do so.

Bye now,