04 April 2007

Yikes! The Moon Winked at Me


That's quite a title, isn't it. I'll explain it later
in this post.

Anyhow, this will be a very "considered" post.
By this, I mean that I'll choose my words

As I mentioned a few posts back, I had a flash
of inspiration during a moonlight walk. It
concerned something that's been in the back
of my mind for quite some time. However, the
flash of inspiration hasn't come back to the
same extent as on that precious night.

I had a beautiful walk tonight, even though
there was cloud cover, preventing the full affect
of a moonlight experience. During the walk, I
was considering things, and wondering how I
would find the time to flow along with the
inspiration of that earlier night.

I have several websites and activities as you
are aware from the links on this blog. I'm not
certain how much more web stuff I can handle,
without over-taxing my limits:) I mean, I've got
my art work to consider as well, and I will
likely have a new part-time job soon, also.

Anyhow, I was heavy in thought, when the moon
winked at me! It came out from under the clouds
for about two seconds, and left the distinct
impression that it did so in recognition of my

This was the omen I was waiting for, and the
main reason I hadn't said anything much about
the inspiration since that initial post.

So, I'll be launching a blog or a website on
intimacy, romance and passion. Does that
surprise anyone? Of course, you know that I'll
likely find some way to relate those things to
nature and the natural landscape. And, it'll likely
be a website.

But, I don't know when it'll come online, and it
may be related to self-development or writing or
my natural healing website, or to all of those
things. Then again, it may be totally different
. . . I will simply go with the flow of inspiration,
and encouragement of the moon.

Another possibility is that it'll be the vehicle for
the publication of an un-published manuscript,
now lying away gathering dust. I may put it online
in installments . . . kind of like an on-going journal.
The manuscript is composed of 783 hand-written
pages on intimacy, romance, passion, and eroticism.

However, I'm uncertain at the moment . . . I don't
know if it will even play a role in this new project.
We'll see . . . .

So, there we are. The moon winked at me, and
I've decided to go with the flow of inspiration.
Funny fellow, eh?:)

Sweet dreams, everyone.


Anonymous said...

I believe you should let the moon wink at you more often.If I could only get my hands on that manuscript,I'd see what would wink at me.Keep the flow of inspiration going I love reading what you write.All my best Kelly.

Ann said...

I have to agree with Kelly, we should get our hands on that manuscript! Makes me wonder what might have happened if the moon would have showed her true full self last night?

Continue to inspire Laurie,

Laurie said...

Hi Kelly and Ann,

I might keep that manuscript under lock and key in case either or both of you come "buzzing" around my place! :))

Thanks for the kind comments! I appreciate the feedback.

We'll see what develops, eventually.

Bye now,