21 April 2008

Walking With the Full Moon


Well, it's 12:53 in the morning. I just returned from
a walk on this beautiful full moon night. It's rather
cool here on the south shore of Nova Scotia, with
the temperature hovering slightly above the freezing

There were lots of creatures out and about tonight,
aside from myself. For instance, on one occasion I
heard movement in the bushes that sounded like a
porcupine. I've often seen porcupines in this particular
area. And, frogs were croaking at various locations
near the road. Loons were calling out in the lake, and
there were times when the frogs and loons were in
perfect harmony. What a night!

As I walked home, I realized what a blessing it is to
live in an area that brings me in touch with the natural
world. Things are constantly happening here, that makes
one aware and sensitive to the natural flow of life.

I must be off now, and do a few things before retiring
for the night.

May you all realize a greater awareness of the natural
flow of life.

All the best,

17 April 2008

Experience This Beautiful Moon!

Just a quick note to comment on this
beautiful moon period.

I went walking last night in the bright
light of the moon. As I walked near
Minamkeak Lake, I heard the loons calling
back and forth over the water.

It was wonderful -- the moon, the lake,
the loons -- all those things expand our
lives and conscious experiences.

Go outside at night and enjoy this moon....

All the best,