22 April 2007

The Moon, Peepers, and an Old Book

Hi Everyone,

Well, what a beautiful Saturday night here on the
south shore of Nova Scotia. The moon is waxing, and
is already giving off enough light to make walking a

As I made my way along the road tonight, I suddenly
heard the sound of a peeper, in a swamp near where I was
walking. A single peeper, but soon the swamps and
ponds will be alive with their songs. Such delightful
singing, and a sure sign that the fullness of spring has

While I was in Mahone Bay this afternoon, I went for
coffee at The Biscuit Eater Cafe' and book shop. It's a
delightful place and one of my favourite spots to visit. If
you're ever in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, you must visit
this Cafe'. It's located at 16 Orchard Street, and quite
easy to find.

Anyhow, while there this afternoon, I bought a wonderful
little volume entitled, Wood Wanderings, by Winthrop
Packard, published in 1910. The book is beautifully
illustrated by Charles Copeland, with a gold leaf etching
on the front cover.

It is one of four volumes written by Packard which,
together, constitute "The New England Year," dealing
with the four seasons. I'm certainly going to try to find
the other books in the collection. Wood Wanderings,
deals with the autumn season.

That's it for this post. It's already 1 o'clock, and I still
have some things to do before I catch some rest.

All the best!