29 March 2007

Winter's Final Sting . . . I Hope . . . .


I went walking on the old mining road late
tonight. There was a strong wind from the
northwest blowing directly into my face, as
I made my way along the road.

I thought my face would freeze:)

Of course, on my return, I had the wind at
my back. Even so, it felt like February,
rather than late March.

The moon was beautiful, although I didn't
spend much time contemplating things. I
walked along at a brisk pace, and was
happy to return to the warmth of my home.

Well, I'll be back soon. Perhaps, then,
I'll have more information for you about
that inspiration I received a few nights
ago. ;)

All the best,


Anonymous said...

I think Laurie is a good flirt with words, and knows just how to keep us interested:)) Inspiration to some is curiosity too others. Ann G.

Laurie said...

Hi Ann,

Thanks for the post!

Yes, I'm always working on new ways to flirt:))I suppose it's my Pisces nature.

Bye now,

Anonymous said...

I think Ann is right Laurie is a flirt and it is not all the pisces nature. I think it has to be the spring weather and all those pussy willows. Kelly N.

Laurie said...

Hi Kelly!

I was happy to get your comments!

Mmmm, perhaps, you're right, it's all about spring and pussy willows.

But, you know, isn't it great to just go with the flow of spring!

Bye now,